Outlet Pandora Bracelets Denmark Red - $23.00 : cheap pandora Jewelry, pandorasbraceletuk.com
Outlet Pandora Bracelets Denmark Red - $23.00 : cheap pandora Jewelry, pandorasbraceletuk.com

Outlet Pandora Bracelets Denmark Red - $23.00 : cheap pandora Jewelry, pandorasbraceletuk.com


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  • Home :: Pandora Bracelets :: Outlet Pandora Bracelets Denmark Red .jqzoom{ float:left; position:relative; padding:0px; cursor:pointer; width:301px; height:300px; } $(document).ready(function(){ $(".jqzoom").jqueryzoom({ xzoom: 282, //zooming div default width(default width value is 200) yzoom: 282, //zooming div default width(default height value is 200) offset: 5, //zooming div default offset(default offset value is 10) position: "right", //zooming div position(default position value is "right") preload:1, lens:1 }); $("#jqzoomimages").jqzoomimages({ sImgList: ["images//pandroa05/Pandora-Bracelets/Outlet-Pandora-Bracelets-Denmark-Red.jpg","images//pandroa05/Pandora-Bracelets/Outlet-Pandora-Bracelets-Denmark-Red-1.jpg"], lImgList: ["images//pandroa05/Pandora-Bracelets/Outlet-Pandora-Bracelets-Denmark-Red.jpg","images//pandroa05/Pandora-Bracelets/Outlet-Pandora-Bracelets-Denmark-Red-1.jpg"], vImgList: ["images//pandroa05/Pandora-Bracelets/Outlet-Pandora-Bracelets-Denmark-Red.jpg","images//pandroa05/Pandora-Bracelets/Outlet-Pandora-Bracelets-Denmark-Red-1.jpg"], pageNo: 1, pagesize: 4, imgWidth: 55, imgHeight: 55, bigImageId: "jqzoomimg" }); }); Outlet Pandora Bracelets Denmark Red Outlet Pandora Bracelets Denmark Red
    larger image Outlet Pandora Bracelets Denmark Red $68.00 $23.00
    Save: 66% off Add to Cart:

    Welcome to Pandora Online Shop, As a global electronics internet shopping mall, Pandora Jewelery Online Shop is the right place where you'll always find the latest and greatest Pandora Jewelery at affordable prices. We focus on combining best quality, latest style, lowest prices for electronics . We always try everything possible to provide our customers a happy online shopping experience, we know what you care most, quality, prices, shipping time, customer service. Thus, the four factors are our main goal to produce a happy customer.

    PANDORA brand philosophy is high quality, handmade, timeless design and attention to detail, and will continue to. PANDORA jewelry has a distinctive, charming bohemian style. It advocates freedom of the soul and romance - is also reflected for women handmade, high quality modern jewelry goals. This philosophy is PANDORA jewelry has been persistent core brand.

    Pandora Bracelets Sale 2013! 1. Best maintenance is to wear every day, because the bodys natural oils can produce moist silver sheen.
    2. Do not wear jewelry while wearing other precious metals, to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.
    3. Avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals, do not wear swim, especially to the sea.
    4. If you have time, after wearing it every day with a clean cotton cloth, jewelry box or bag to save.
    5. If you have black oxide, you can rub silver with silver cloth or wash water, scrub, you can stick with a soft hair brush scrub toothpaste, use the cotton cloth after washing.



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