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Artist - Track Name (Release)Date Added
Chris Schweizer - The Red Pill (Extended Mix)13-12-2019
Erick Morillo - Fifth Element (Extended Mix)29-11-2019
Todd TerryAmi Carmine - Love Is Gone feat. Ami Carmine (CJ Jeff Extended Remix)29-11-2019
JansonsDope Earth Alien - Switch feat. Dope Earth Alien (Extended Mix)29-11-2019
George MorelHarry RomeroDanny Howard - The Game feat. George Morel (Extended Mix)29-11-2019
Sultan + Shepard - Siwa (Extended Mix)08-11-2019
Sultan + Shepard - Departures (Extended Mix)08-11-2019
Sultan + Shepard - The Way (Extended Mix)08-11-2019
Sultan + Shepard - Bloom (Extended Intro Mix)08-11-2019
Armin van BuurenCandace Sosa - Runaway feat. Candace Sosa (Extended Mix)26-10-2019
Armin van BuurenHALIENE - Song I Sing feat. HALIENE (Extended Mix)26-10-2019
BTArmin van BuurenNation Of One - Always feat. Nation Of One (Extended Mix)26-10-2019
Armin van BuurenTempo Giusto - Mr. Navigator (Extended Mix)26-10-2019
Armin van BuurenCimo Frankel - All Comes Down feat. Cimo Frankel (Extended Mix)26-10-2019
Armin van BuurenSam Martin - Miles Away feat. Sam Martin (Extended Mix)26-10-2019
DarudeSebastian Rejman - Look Away feat. Sebastian Rejman (Super8 & Tab Extended Remix)19-10-2019
Alexander Popov - Interplay 2019 (DJ Mix)04-10-2019
Alexander Popov - Newborn (Extended Intro Mix)04-10-2019
Jonathan MendelsohnJeffrey Sutorius - Nothing Hurts Like Love (Alexander Popov Extended Remix)04-10-2019
Milad EAndy Kumanov - Kattegat (Extended Mix)04-10-2019

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