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New Trance Tracks - Trance

New Trance Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Introtrance - Stardust (Original Mix)017-08-2017
jjUPiiTER - The Beat of Life (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Adam Sobiech - Wonder (Original Mix)017-08-2017
DJ John SpiderTempest3 - Waiting for Tomorrow (Original Mix)017-08-2017
DJ John SpiderTempest3 - Waiting for Tomorrow (Extended Mix)017-08-2017
XSerDJ - September (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Erik HakanssonAbrupt Gear - Highlander (Original Mix)017-08-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Hardstyle Boy (2017 Club Edit)017-08-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Hardstyle Boy (Club Mix)017-08-2017
Alex Semushin - Pulse Rate (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Alex Semushin - Euphoria (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Alex Semushin - DNK (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Alex Semushin - Space Sphere (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Alex Semushin - Acceleration from the Sun (Original Mix)017-08-2017
James Lass - Redemption (Original Mix)017-08-2017
James Lass - Redemption (Who Is Afraid Mix)017-08-2017
Giuseppe OttavianiGate 4 - Sunward (Original Mix)017-08-2017
John O'CallaghanGiuseppe Ottaviani - Our Dimension (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Giuseppe OttavianiTom Colontonio - Love Mission (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Man En Trance - Randez-Vous (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Onur Camur - Thundaga (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Alex Soul - Bright Day (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Relais - Out So Nice To Be (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Relais - Against The Wind (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Relais - Daylight (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Relais - Energy of Love (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Jacob Ireng - This Is The Drum (Original Mix)017-08-2017
MadZeN - Troll (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Air Project - Sunrise (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Air Project - Sunrise (Avar Remix)017-08-2017
Seryi - Beat & Saw (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Dj-Joker - My Generation (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Fantoman - Aurora (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Max Shandula - Journey (2017 Mix)016-08-2017
Mazurenko - Tai (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Sunlight Project - Winter of Love feat. Anthya (Uplifting Vocal Mix)016-08-2017
Sunlight Project - Winter of Love feat. Anthya (Dub Mix)016-08-2017
Jefani - Covet Queen (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Andrey Meduer - I Am Wrong (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Betelgeuze - Cosmic Love (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Anthony Cisco - Desire (Extended Mix)015-08-2017
Anthony Cisco - Desire (Instrumental Mix)015-08-2017
Fredix - We Are Together (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Fredix - Without Borders (Original Mix)015-08-2017
XSerDJ - July (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Doctor Boom - Inertia (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Alles Banane - And Im High (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Constellation Lyra - Hypnotic (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Tirrellium - Ruined World (Original Mix)015-08-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Don't Stop The Rhythm (Vox Mix)015-08-2017
Cyril Ryaz - Arion (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Cyril Ryaz - Arion (Katylyst Remix)015-08-2017
Benny Dawson - Its Not Your Fault (Original mix)015-08-2017
Xpectra - Follow The Moon (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Tony GrandYURI PIKE - Liquid Section (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Jonathan Carvajal - Years (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Jacob Ireng - Summer Belongs (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Khairy AhmedMahmoud Adel - Donbass (Original Mix)015-08-2017
D.U.P.E.L. - Think Of Me Night (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Soundline - Crying From The Heart (Original Mix)015-08-2017
DMPR - Faceless I (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Soundlife - We Will Dance (Vocal Mix)015-08-2017
Darlex - The White Wolf (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Marc Airway - Missing (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Nicola Riviera - I Miss You Dad (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Abide - Him (Lightform Remix)015-08-2017
Abide - She (Allan McLuhan Remix)015-08-2017
Sergey Rubin - Flight (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Anthony Cisco - Desire (Radio Edit)015-08-2017
Ad Tsapiyow Dens - Music Of Life (Original Mix)015-08-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Drop The Beat (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Egordy - Alien X (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Egordy - Pulse (Original Mix)015-08-2017
LTN - Wind And Cloud (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Vadim SparkCari - Beat Of My Heart (LTN Sunrise Remix)015-08-2017
NomoskChristina NovelliRoman Messer - Lost Soul (LTN Sunrise Remix)015-08-2017
LTN - Coconut Island (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Roman Messer - 4 Years Suanda (Continuous DJ Mix)015-08-2017
LTN - Maldives (Original Mix)015-08-2017
LTN - 4 Years Suanda (Continuous DJ Mix)015-08-2017
Roman MesserAngel FallsArmos - Higher (LTN Sunrise Remix)015-08-2017
tranzLift - Magical Journey (Alternate High Remix)015-08-2017
tranzLift - Magical Journey (DreamLife Remix)015-08-2017
Christina NovelliRoman Messer - Frozen (Cold Rush Remix)015-08-2017
Roman Messer - Imperium (Extended Mix)015-08-2017
Clare StaggRoman Messer - For You (Steve Allen Extended Remix)015-08-2017
Eric LumiereRoman Messer - Closer (Denis Kenzo Remix)014-08-2017
Roman Messer - Cheboksary (Ruslan Radriges Remix)014-08-2017
M Wolleitzer - Shattered States (Original Mix)014-08-2017
M Wolleitzer - Try To Understand (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Black XS - Nova (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Tim Mason - Twelve Beats (Extended Mix)014-08-2017
Kaltflut - Hidden Valleys (Danny Grunow Remix)014-08-2017
Kaltflut - Hidden Valleys (Ian Source Remix)014-08-2017
DreamLife - Eternal Love (Original Mix)014-08-2017
AxelPolo - Zodiac (Original Mix)014-08-2017
AxelPolo - Before You Go (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Anthony Nikita - Comfort Zone (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Anthony Nikita - Silver Lining (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Anthony Nikita - Winter's Summer (Original Mix)014-08-2017

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