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New Tech House Tracks - Tech House

New Tech House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Nazaro - Multiverses (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Dipa - Boss (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Rone WhiteDiego LimaAlessandro Diruggiero - Want You (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Rone WhiteDiego LimaAlessandro Diruggiero - Business Sound (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Andy Rojas - Da House (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Dj Tomsten - Cathno III (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Jak Jaxon - Bombjack (Original Mix)008-04-2019
AndrussFlashingroof - Time & Space (H.A.N.T. & Gentle Velvet Remix)008-04-2019
Rachel Adams - Di Lai Lai Lai (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Ryan TaubmanAlan Culvin - Ruff Stuff (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Chris Carrier - Sexians (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Chris Carrier - Hedorah (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Francoise Lemonde - Secret (Night Club Mix)008-04-2019
Cevin Fisher - Return Of The Queen Street Orchestra (Flashmob Instrumental Remix)008-04-2019
Gustavo Condé - You and Me (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Max Lake - Coil (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Gustavo Condé - Have Sex (Original Mix)008-04-2019
SAUL D'ALESSANDRO - Space Cowboy (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Gustavo Condé - Dark Sunclasses (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Cevin Fisher - Return Of The Queen Street Orchestra (Flashmob Extended Remix)008-04-2019
Gustavo Condé - e-Learning (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Pickle - Body Work (Extended Mix)008-04-2019
ZiraxFabio Leonardis - Rocket To The Moon (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Gustavo CondéRafael Paste - Open The Doors (Original Mix)008-04-2019
SequenceMattia Musella - Zoo (Original Mix)008-04-2019
SAUL D'ALESSANDRO - Groove Acid (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Gustavo Condé - Indian Frog (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Drum & Breakers - The Iron Fist (Dub No Strings Mix)008-04-2019
Rousing House - Fun Trumpet (Dub Remix)008-04-2019
Masters - Swing ((Original Mix))008-04-2019
Dochez - Plasma (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Dj Troya - M0NTE CHABERTON (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Amir Telem - Hari (Yeröm Remix)007-04-2019
Cristian RodriguezLeom - Can't Stop (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Dochez - Ses Cadenes (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Cristian RodriguezLeom - Can't Stop (Robric Remix)007-04-2019
Duck Sandoval - La Catrina (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Joshua Lavin - This It (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Mike VersuzDaniel Larsson - Dirty Minds (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Rick Silva - Strange Party (Original Mix)007-04-2019
CANVI - Onyx (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Kosmo Nahual - Nonantzin (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Duck Sandoval - Mama Negra (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Joy Marquez - Rolling It (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Alec T. Adams - Not Sure (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Hombres Buenos Hacen DeepWarren Leistung - Carrie (Instrumental Shots Alternative Mix)007-04-2019
Tremonjai - Between Percussions (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Mike Versuz - Flamingo (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Erik Budai - Waiting (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Basscontroll - XTC Beats Everything (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Big MartinoStephan Barbieri - Element of Life (Original Mix)007-04-2019
CANVI - Onyx (Extended Mix)007-04-2019
XeroSteven Forde - Funk Decision (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Erik Budai - R U (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Tariq Gordon - Batma (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Harryus - Mundo De Colores (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Emanuel Brasil - Don't Kill Me (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Tariq Gordon - Sunns (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Tariq Gordon - Lambo (Original Mix)007-04-2019
Branzei - Jungle (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Dj Datz - Believe Me (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Romain Pellegrin - My Head (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Angelo Ruis - El Agua Clara (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Alejandro Penaloza - Started (Original Mix)006-04-2019
2 Tall Keith - Slaves (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Riccardo Russo - Calling your body (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Danilo De Santo - Timeless (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Rubix - Yo Yeah (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Mouzakis - Manifest (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Picky Sweet - Problems (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Rousing House - Deep Thoughts (Dub Remix)006-04-2019
XL Alvarez - Lights (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Stooge - Dark Angel (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Sam Sky - The Mission (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Stanui - Dekotoled (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Rousing House - Piano Retro (21 ROOM Dub Remix)006-04-2019
Mero - Tuman (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Mero - Ferma (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Gramma - Tech Time (Original Mix)006-04-2019
Joaco - La Grave (Ilya Gushin Remix)006-04-2019
Fiutz - La Balada (Miky Falcone, Fabio Morello Remix)006-04-2019
Andrae - Gimme (Bedran. Remix)006-04-2019
AL SharifSunday NoiseMoresense - With You (Extended Mix)006-04-2019
Andrae - Gimme (Dub Mix)006-04-2019
Andrae - Gimme (Diego Lima Remix)006-04-2019
Radio Rasheed - Go Time (Let's Party) (Original Mix)006-04-2019
ZippiE - Hold Me (Nucca Remix)005-04-2019
Various Artists - Nervous April 2019 (Continuous Mix)005-04-2019
Billy Kenny - Just Came For The Music (Extended Rave Mix)005-04-2019
Renato Cohen - Parla (Original Mix)005-04-2019
Lars Horton - Colour Coded (Original Mix)005-04-2019
Inner Square - Interior (Original Mix)005-04-2019
Christoph Lox - Wax (Original Mix)005-04-2019
Nopopstar - Africa (Original Mix)005-04-2019
Inner Square - Memory (Original Mix)005-04-2019
Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk (Dom Dolla Extended Mix)005-04-2019
Janika Tenn - Reach The Tribe (Extended Mix)005-04-2019
AL SharifSunday NoiseMoresence - With You (Extended Mix)005-04-2019
Thomaz - Vocoder (Original Mix)005-04-2019
Damn Square - Keep Dancing (Original Mix)005-04-2019

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