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New Tech House Tracks - Tech House

New Tech House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Steven Venegas - The Maya (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Alias A.K.A.MiSinki - Dope Party Music (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Alias A.K.A.MiSinki - Headz Banger (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Oliver SchmitzMicah Sherman - Hollywood (Jordi Marcel Remix)011-02-2019
Smashing Sebastien - Remember Me (Anton Stellz Remix)011-02-2019
Matt Dawson - After Shock (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Vampyr - Parabellum (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Chad (UK) - Horizon (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Chaka & MartyLuis Miranda - El Tutu (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Koloniari - Vulture (Rootfellen Remix)011-02-2019
Alexandro G - Vacilando (Omar Labastida Remix)011-02-2019
Expat - Virtue (AAA Mix)011-02-2019
Expat - Virtue (Flatdub Mix)011-02-2019
Caoak - Groover (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Alex Deft - Electro (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Alex Deft - Step (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Alex Deft - You Love (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Caoak - Groover (Josu Freire Remix)011-02-2019
CaoakLen_o - You Never Know (Original Mix)011-02-2019
CaoakLen_o - You Never Know (Luca Secco & Craftkind Remix)011-02-2019
Shiino - Back To Back (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Shiino - Rave Lights (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Daniel Orpi - Beat Bouncers (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Salvione - Stella (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Diego Lima - Kicking Hard (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Francesco RomanoTyler Coey - Coming Round (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Luis Pergo - Wanna Come (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Antonio Pica - Chapin (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Marco C. - Bang Bang (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Rhoowax - Feelin' Ma Groove (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Paul CartNick O'Neila - Turn It On (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Pasquale Caracciolo - FunKatroN (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Stefano Kosa - House you (Original Mix)011-02-2019
INCLINIQUE - Give It Up (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Off Key - Lock (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Etwas (IT)Stefano Parenti - Ready To Strip (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Agustin Klein - Elegenueve (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Brad Brunner - Mad (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Double Vision IT - Oi Mami (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Tektonauts - Rythm 321 (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Giovanni FoggettaGianni Galati - Scream Dancer Master (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Iorio Enzo - Rebuild (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Enzino - Get on the floor (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Jaksan - Make Me Dance (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Joeski - Set You Free (Original Mix)011-02-2019
ViccenzoMatteo Scuro - Matvin (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Break the Speaker - Silvio (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Break the Speaker - Highspeaker (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Ante Perry - The Fall (Original)011-02-2019
Ante Perry - Mayday (Original)011-02-2019
Nyaller - Sunrise (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Davide Marchesiello - Las Larvas (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Diego Alvez - Frgt.10 (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Sa.Du - Espana (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Gr-Oy - Animal Instinct (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Gr-Oy - Animal Instinct (Kentaro Kaji Remix)011-02-2019
Gr-Oy - Animal Instinct (Ariane Blank Remix)011-02-2019
Dimitry Liss - Interstellar Frankie (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Ibrido - Raider (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Migue Boy - Get Me (Original Mix)011-02-2019
New Kreation - Morenita (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Rasu - Bam K'Dum (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Bertie Bassett - Tunnel Tek (Original Mix)011-02-2019
m.a.v - Electric Soul (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Space Jump Salute - Loaded (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Philip Z - Ice Baby (Original Mix)011-02-2019
The Reign - Fuzz Logic (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Tyler Coey - Tension (Original Mix)011-02-2019
Ury Stv - Halloween Night (Original mix)010-02-2019
Bruno MottaZonato Silva - Can't You See (Chklte Remix)010-02-2019
Paul Vega - Steve (Original mix)010-02-2019
D.e.eMan - Own It (Original Mix)010-02-2019
Vyacheslav SketchFarcoste - From Murmansk (TechHouse Edit)010-02-2019
Yohand Gonzalez - Fell Day (Original Mix)010-02-2019
Nezvil - Oh My God! (Original Mix)010-02-2019
SuperchipDomenico Mastandrea - Disco Breaker (Original Mix)010-02-2019
SuperchipDomenico Mastandrea - Disco Breaker (Jholeyson Remix)010-02-2019
SuperchipDomenico Mastandrea - Disco Breaker (Luca Gurini Remix)010-02-2019
SuperchipDomenico Mastandrea - Disco Breaker (Mediahora Remix)010-02-2019
SuperchipDomenico Mastandrea - Disco Breaker (Ronny Santana Remix)010-02-2019
Rousing House - I Want (21 ROOM Remix)010-02-2019
Sergii Petrenko - Deep Space (Remix)010-02-2019
Rousing House - I Want (Format Groove Remix)010-02-2019
Yell Of Bee - Dodgy Groove (Original mix)010-02-2019
Jon Rich - Funky Funky (Original mix)010-02-2019
Techno Mama - Powerful Sine (Oziriz Dub Remix)010-02-2019
Techno Mama - Powerful Rainbow (Original mix)010-02-2019
Techno Mama - Inland (Original mix)010-02-2019
Techno Mama - Chatterbox (Oziriz Dub Remix)010-02-2019
Poppy Heydrich - Pump Up (Daylight Mix)010-02-2019
Victoria Raine - Morning Hit (Original Mix)010-02-2019
Ayato Dorsten - Screams (Club Mix)010-02-2019
Tanya Lafriniere - Violet Sky (Source Mix)010-02-2019
Bash Markov - Moon (After Mix)010-02-2019
Harper Sizzla - Stalking (Night Mix)010-02-2019
Nikola March - Voyager (Club Mix)010-02-2019
Ingrid Selanmere - Bazar (Original Mix)010-02-2019
Loren Lewis - Vandal (Hypnotic Mix)010-02-2019
Mick Malstrano - Tilt On (Extended Mix)010-02-2019
Shaunee Fiori - Meeting You (Ipno Mix)010-02-2019

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