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New Tech House Tracks - Tech House

New Tech House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Arba Han - Turn Me On (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Nick LakerDiego PlayAndres Barr - El Pana (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Narik - We Are More (JMi's Floor Mix)010-04-2019
Narik - We Are More (TineX Remix)010-04-2019
Snowzy - You Know (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Jason RivasPositive Feeling - La Bamba (Rework)010-04-2019
Sergio Vilas - Twenty-Three (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Dualvox - Take Your Body (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Dualvox - Fica Tranquileba (Original Mix)010-04-2019
DJ Sniper - The Hunt (Original Mix)010-04-2019
DJ Sniper - The Halt (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Electro Mosquito - The Reason (E.L. Remix)010-04-2019
Daniel Allen - Southern Heat (Shreddward Remix)010-04-2019
Gwynd - Tsapa (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Arba Han - Two Sides (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Arba Han - Some Breath (Original Mix)010-04-2019
DJ Riley - In The Club (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Kiril Melkonov - Sound Like Xmas (Original mix)010-04-2019
Kiril Melkonov - Percent Of Paths (Original mix)010-04-2019
Tony Cassandro - Room Five (Tech House Dub Mix)010-04-2019
Michael Cox - Whats Up (Tech House Dub Mix)010-04-2019
Kuprion - Eternal Struggle (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Tewax - Brain Charge (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Harryus - Mister Sancz Song (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Rennan Feijo - Well Be (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Argy K - Killar (G Mat Remix)010-04-2019
Houze Muzzik - Puzzle Flow (Tech House Dub Mix)010-04-2019
Houze Muzzik - Puzzle Flow (Club Mix)010-04-2019
David Amarian - Sound Of Bang (Tech House Mix)010-04-2019
Aniff AkinolaBang Tidy - Body Drippin' (GAWP Dub)010-04-2019
Sergio Sabater - Insomnio (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Sergio Sabater - Dogs of the Night (Original Mix)010-04-2019
LeytonCris Cobena - Transition (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Leyton - Dizziness (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Leyton - Dr. Minor (Original Mix)010-04-2019
The 6th Dutil - Afrotech (Original Mix)010-04-2019
The 6th Dutil - La Religion (Original Mix)010-04-2019
The 6th Dutil - Ooh to Get Down (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Plus Beat'Z - Slack Proper (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Plus Beat'Z - Seiva (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Rennan Feijo - Never (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Rennan Feijo - Experience (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Kron (PT) - Interloopin (Original Mix)010-04-2019
David CutJabu - Cancun (Original Mix)010-04-2019
KingTouch - Into My Life (Glitched Up)010-04-2019
KingTouch - Horse Power (2018 Re-Touch)010-04-2019
Las Cabezas - El Diablo Y Mi Nena (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Aniello Guerra - One Dos Tres (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Mett - From Love (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Mett - From Love (Radio Edit)010-04-2019
Tech Disco Machine - Night Cry (Club Mix)009-04-2019
Jack Liberto - Flames (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Christian Belt - Buenos (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Christian Belt - Cordoba (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Christian Belt - Rosaria (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Alakin Kirill - Hey! (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Alakin Kirill - Hammer (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Bilevicius - El Amor Nos Elige (Invinta Remix)009-04-2019
Jerry Jerr - Bommie (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Juanjo MartinRebeka Brown - Millennium 2k19 (Juanjo Martin 2019 Remix)009-04-2019
Stan Grobic - Physical (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Dj Erika - Troy (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Die Fantastische HubschrauberBoiler K - Mustela (Instrumental Mix)009-04-2019
Sera De Villalta - Fat Top (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Sera De Villalta - Bigga (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Anouch - Down This (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Anouch - Get Them (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Anouch - No You (Original Mix)009-04-2019
ADMind - I Feel (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Monstergetdown - Knock (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Monstergetdown - Sometimes (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Monstergetdown - Make You Feel It (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Fabio Araujo - Phoenix (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Gabriele Intrivici - Tribe (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Gabriele Intrivici - Your Eyes Look at Me (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Minimax - Fireman (Original Mix)009-04-2019
dj chillout master - Dark Matter (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Name You Never Heard - Peroxide (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Name You Never Heard - Peroxide (Radio Edit)009-04-2019
Gregore Konstantine - Skeletal Orbit (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Gregore Konstantine - Third Head (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Gregore Konstantine - Karma Drama (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Nico AristyMario Payan - Groove Of The Night (AndreuBacchetti)009-04-2019
Nico AristyMario Payan - Groove Of The Night (JuanHouse)009-04-2019
Nico AristyMario Payan - Groove Of The Night (LuiferOfficial)009-04-2019
PetryVander Paterno - House (Original Mix)009-04-2019
FEERR - Mantra (Original mix)009-04-2019
Dinho Rodriguez - Doing Better (Original mix)009-04-2019
Techsperience - Work Your Body (Original mix)009-04-2019
Paul - We Are The Future (Original mix)009-04-2019
Titi - La bamba au midi (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Titi - Savage (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Titi - The Rain Song (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Titi - Tribal Blood (Original Mix)009-04-2019
Martyn Seeds - All Day Long (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Levi Petite - Go Away (Lean Butler Remix)008-04-2019
Thomas HeatMarkus Gonzales - Bujumbura (Gonzales Africa Mix)008-04-2019
Lenny Lorenzi - Uorgan (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Johan VirhiaALbarnesLa Perla - Saxofine (Feat. La Perla) (Original Mix)008-04-2019
Carlos MendozaElias R - Hustlin (Original Mix)008-04-2019

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