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New Tech House Tracks - Tech House

New Tech House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Mendeler - All About (Original Mix)013-04-2019
Sirena - Come Again (Original Mix)013-04-2019
Bazel & Bollak - Gimme Dat Beat (Original Mix)013-04-2019
Yassine FT01 - Entrevue (Beat Stephane Remix)013-04-2019
Addair - The Realm (Original Mix)013-04-2019
Aaron Lewis - The Busey Effect (Original Mix)013-04-2019
Dan CasterRene Bourgeois - Real Money (Original Mix)013-04-2019
GioliAssia - Feel Good (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Bigstate - Grumper (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Carlossal Small - Late Night Advice (TMX Remix)012-04-2019
Ruhrkraft - No Doubt (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Bigstate - Red Summer (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Andre SalmonChris C. - Space Traveller (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Mattia Romio - Flute (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Room Service (DE) - Summer People (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Mr. Lekka - Outta My Mind (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Alex Progress - Vision (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Horatio - Master Blaster (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Mr. Lekka - Need You (Original Mix)012-04-2019
JinaduRoad To Mana - Chains feat. Jinadu (Chris Maico Schmidt Remix)012-04-2019
Natasha WattsCitysounds! - Wondering (Charles Spencer's Time for the Permutator Remix)012-04-2019
Souzaa - No Rush (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Nofone - Who Is It? (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Hayden Neumeister - Grip (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Mr. Lekka - No Regrets (Original Mix)012-04-2019
AlBird - Harlem Shuffle (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Ben ChampellNana K. - Rapid Zone (Albird Remix)012-04-2019
Alex Progress - Visitors (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Deep E - Pitstribs (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Matt Flores - Solardrive (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Arthur Kazarian - Let Me See (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Cotton Animals - Over Thinking (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Nemanja Basaric - Ring (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Hayden Neumeister - Blackout (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Daan Verbaan - The Law (Drunx Remix)012-04-2019
Davide Mazzilli - In My Voice (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Nick Pappa - Release (Radio Edit)012-04-2019
Nick Pappa - Release (Original Mix)012-04-2019
CriolaWadoLor&nZoe - Inside Of Me (Carlo Marani Remix)012-04-2019
Class G - F* The Cops (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Class G - Let's Go! (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Class G - Music Everytime (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Terri-Anne - Needing U (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Horatio - Trumpsong (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Nader Razdar - Friday Morning (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Gil Aguilar - Always Been (Delgado Remix)012-04-2019
Beher - So High (Original Mix)012-04-2019
D.I.N.G.O - Tear the Roof Off (Original Mix)012-04-2019
FukumanGroovant Dance - Small Raves (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Midnight Special - Cranium (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Nebulaee - Beluga (Jerome.c Remix)012-04-2019
techMOUSE - Make It Happen (Original Mix)012-04-2019
DJ Alejandro Ferrer - This Music Is Beat (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Midnight Special - Dirty Sanchez (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Daniel Levak - Social Squad (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Br!tch - Somewhere (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Hoani Teano - Helsinki (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Delgado - Sweat (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Sevatec - Skrt Skrt (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Andreas LothAndreas Loth aka DJ Butterbleep - Sunrise at the Beach (Astra Teck Remix)012-04-2019
Skyjet - Let's Go (Original Mix)012-04-2019
Vilsag - Morning Mur (Suave Remix)011-04-2019
Furkan Simsek - Terrible (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Low Voltage - Seschi & The Clown (Original Mix)011-04-2019
MC Zulu - Borrowed Time (Electro Reggae Dancefloor Mix)011-04-2019
Houze Muzzik - Puzzle Flow (Dub Mix)011-04-2019
Vortex - Respect To The Angel (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Vortex - Wibble (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Vortex - Hobbler (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Houze Muzzik - Puzzle Flow (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Dj Divulgence - Shake It (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Droid Daturo 11 - After Midnight (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Schimmer - GlutGorilla (Original Mix)011-04-2019
MartinoCIA Lamarle - Mood and Sun (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Melt - Fuk Nose (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Zaark - Dirty (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Erika CasarinGustavo De Souza - Eclipse (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Tony Thomas - Started (DJ Smilk Remix)011-04-2019
Tatsch - Drop That (Extended Mix)011-04-2019
Laurent TOP - Notoriety (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Dan Soden - Dan Soden (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Idin Gorji - Salut mon coeur (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Flash - Monster (Kyro Extended Remix)011-04-2019
Wexler - Trouble (Extended)011-04-2019
Zaark - Dirty (Radio Edit)011-04-2019
Cody Nu Skool - Robots Don't Sleep (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Triperman - Too Rare To Die (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Triperman - Too Rare To Die (Silverfox Remix)011-04-2019
Triperman - Inversion (Loud&Clasiizz Remix)011-04-2019
Raul Robado - Diploid (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Raul Robado - Haploid (Original Mix)011-04-2019
MirusEviltapesJorge G - Bubbles & Kaviar (Original)011-04-2019
Laurent TOP - Sound of community (Original Mix)011-04-2019
MartinoCIA Lamarle - Life (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Keppra - Black Out feat. The Man from 79 (Original Mix)011-04-2019
Keppra - Cloba feat. The Man from 79 (Original Mix)011-04-2019
tenmin - Serial Number (Original Mix)010-04-2019
Khrononaut's - Opium (Mauro Aguirre Remix)010-04-2019
Ciava - Radio Station (Original Mix)010-04-2019
ZNMK - Red Horse (Original mix)010-04-2019

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