New Tech House Tracks - Tech House
New Tech House Tracks - Tech House

New Tech House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Jumkins - Arcane (Original Mix)023-04-2019
The French Connection - 2 And a Half (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Minitech Project - Deep Control (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Minitech Project - Deep Control (Fabio Scalabroni Remix)022-04-2019
Minitech Project - Deep Control (Di Beatmaker's Remix)022-04-2019
Lucio Grandi - La Ola (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Oliver Deuerling - Takeover (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Oliver Deuerling - Takeover (Dylan Debut Remix)022-04-2019
Minimax - Hot Summer (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Renato-Gratis - Imsomnia (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Tai Davis - Bammit! (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Tai Davis - Work Your Thing (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Tai Davis - That Ass-Sit(Acid) (Original Mix)022-04-2019
ATFCMercer - Twisted (Illyus & Barrientos Extended Remix)022-04-2019
Click Click - Utopia (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Alex Boneti - Panareal (Rods Novaes, Wender A. Remix)022-04-2019
Stanny Abram - Born Slave (Jack Carter Remix)022-04-2019
Mike Teknii - Subzero (Reelow Remix)022-04-2019
Latecomer (UK) - Tremor (ALBT Remix)022-04-2019
Skymate - This (Stanny Abram Abracadabra Remix)022-04-2019
EDMNML - I.D.G.A.F (Dj Spy All I Wanna Hear Is Deep Remix)022-04-2019
Tom Bommsen - Try That (Nekes Remix)022-04-2019
Marty Mart - El Tigre (Yz Remix)022-04-2019
KOLBER - Cleep Your Mind (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Imeon - Loading (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Dalkosh - In the Club (Original Mix)022-04-2019
JOOLIA - Metal Detector (Extended Mix)022-04-2019
White Off - Get Down (Original Mix)022-04-2019
White Off - Nick Of Time (Original Mix)022-04-2019
White Off - Sick Beats (Original Mix)022-04-2019
2Acid - Richard Is Back! (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Elearto - Out Of The Window (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Arthur Hernan - Zulu (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Arthur Hernan - Zulu (Joy Marquez Remix)022-04-2019
Arthur Hernan - Zulu (John Quina Remix)022-04-2019
DL88 - Class Mate (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Shuksan - Let's Get Sweaty (Original Mix)022-04-2019
BO & GL - The City Center (Revisit Version)022-04-2019
EarstripLaura Keller - O que é o que é? (Remix)022-04-2019
Jimmy Galle - Spiritual Love (MiniTech Project Remix)022-04-2019
Jimmy Galle - Spiritual Love (Nikan Remix)022-04-2019
Project KF - Just Can't Stop (Original Mix)022-04-2019
Project KF - Just Can't Stop (Wits To Wear Remix)022-04-2019
Project KF - Just Can't Stop (Jasper Jinx Power Club Remix)022-04-2019
Marko Nikolic - Filthy Machines (Stefan Djordjevic Remix)022-04-2019
Kevin Cheung - Push (Adrian S featuring Yisell Sanchez Remix)022-04-2019
The French Connection - Dope And Deep (Original Mix)022-04-2019
DJ Romy - It's Gonna Get Better (Tony Thomas Remix)022-04-2019
Mani Junkies - Groovemen (Ernest Oh Remix)022-04-2019
Bulkin - Mantis (Discoguns Remix)022-04-2019
Jason RivasTerry De Jeff - Communication (Instrumental Shot Club Mix)021-04-2019
Organic Noise From Ibiza - No Thanks I'll Pass (Dub Mix)021-04-2019
Jason RivasMedud Ssa - Chakira (Club Show Edit)021-04-2019
Divorosso - Impact Lips (Original Mix)021-04-2019
Julio Quelal - Projet Alexandrie (Original Mix)021-04-2019
Erik Budai - Delicious (Original Mix)021-04-2019
B-MEN - Berlin Vibes (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Ranjitech - Vida (Ibiza Tech Remix)020-04-2019
Val Verra - Set Me Free (Vocal Mix) (Vocal Mix)020-04-2019
Val Verra - Set Me Free (Dub Mix) (Dub Mix)020-04-2019
Chris Olmos - Panic Room (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Chris Olmos - Mkv (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Approx - Side Effect (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Approx - Tiger Jack (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Approx - Holos feat. Greenn (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Approx - Perpetual Motion (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Approx - Perpetual Motion (Juan Farcik Remix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Do It (Extended Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - In My Way (Vocal Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Listen (Remastered)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Get the Move (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Gonna Loose Me (Extended Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Gone (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Think About Party (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - This Is House (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Always on My Mind (Remastered)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Make up Your Mind (Remastered Club Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - The Beat (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Wants It (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Have to Heaven (Remastered)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Heartbridge (Remastered)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Music Makes Me Feel Free (Deep Single Mix)020-04-2019
Djane My Canaria - Beats Love Dance (Mix)020-04-2019
Salva Di Nobles - Sex & Money (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Anton G593 - El Patan (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Javier Alemany - Get Down (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Javier Alemany - Get Down (Chedey Garcia Remix)020-04-2019
Javier Alemany - Get Down (Aren Suarez Remix)020-04-2019
David Cueto (ES) - The Collection (Original Mix)020-04-2019
David Cueto (ES) - Megadepoty (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Alvaro Arroyo - God Dream (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Uri Mood - Got NYC (Original Mix)020-04-2019
Stanny Abram - Club Rotation (Original Mix)020-04-2019
M.Groove - Presidencial (Original Mix)020-04-2019
X-Phase - Deeper (Original mix)020-04-2019
n808Lil Lils - Booty Management (AMPRS&ND Remix)020-04-2019
Voinea Alexandru - Kan's Groove (Original Mix)020-04-2019
WarungCheechmo - A Bay Bay (Devon James Remix)020-04-2019
WarungCheechmo - A Bay Bay (Will OB Remix)020-04-2019
Evoxx - Blink (Original Mix)020-04-2019

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