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New Tech House Tracks - Tech House

New Tech House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Malifoo - Trigger Me (Extended Mix)018-02-2019
Cruux - End Game (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Thomaz Krauze - Big Throb (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Thomaz KrauzeAndre Gazolla - You Know (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Eren Sahin - Hong Kong (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Lee Garrett - Haunting (Original Mix)018-02-2019
SixDec - Kingdom (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Sails - Sternwind (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Johnny Correa - Time (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Oxy Beat - Is Wild Life (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Dave Garcia - Meiland (Original Mix)018-02-2019
DJ Csemak - Say Wanna (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Alberto D'meo - Astmopheric (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Ury Stv - My Furby Friend (Original mix)018-02-2019
Surfafunk - Funkio (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Surfafunk - Floating Groove (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Roel Salemink - Wanna Funk (Filterheadz Remix)018-02-2019
David Phillips - Jungle Fever (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Kanzler & Wischnewski - Tromofell (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Daniel Kyo - Microwaves (Jay Tripwire Lunar Activities Rework)018-02-2019
Tagtraumer - Granny Takes a Trip (Agaric Remix)018-02-2019
Da FreshMaverickz - Down (Hot Tuneik Remix)018-02-2019
Andre Le Fay - Dirty (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Andre Le Fay - W.T.F. (Original Mix)018-02-2019
JP Torres - People In Da House (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Matt Shelder - Rock And Roll (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Nick Silva - Baby (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Coconut - My Black Girl (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Eder TobesLis-J - In Medellin (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Monge - Raw Feelin (Original Mix)018-02-2019
David Calberson - Question For You (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Blissari - Rooms (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Zirax - Never Mind (Original Mix)018-02-2019
MaxximKole Audro - Raven (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Davide Sonten - Dimension (Extended Mix)018-02-2019
Tenn Plata - Drill Bit (Original mix)018-02-2019
Oliver KMinitraumz - El Enemigo (Jacopo Susini Remix)018-02-2019
Ayakarma - Wakatepe (Original Mix)018-02-2019
Michele Rossini - Au Revoir (Simone Cerquiglini Remix)018-02-2019
Canosa - Smooth Flute (John Rivera Remix)018-02-2019
Tony Roguez - Electronic Roll (Original Mix)017-02-2019
DiKay - Here To Dance (Dani Crom Remix)017-02-2019
Pomodoro - Go To Brasilia (Original Mix)017-02-2019
John Lorv's - Que Dice (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Aritz LacruzRafa Baneza - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Angel Diaz - Chest Cry (Original Mix)017-02-2019
John Lorv's - Night Club (Original Mix)017-02-2019
DiKay - Here To Dance (Ivan Lake Remix)017-02-2019
DiKay - Here To Dance (Extended Mix)017-02-2019
Tony Roguez - Bim Bam (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Julio QuelalJonathan salvador - Fallen Angel (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Javi Nandez - I Wanna Want You (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Julio QuelalJonathan salvador - Subworlds (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Alex Mode - Testimony of A Night (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Trevor - Revelation (Original Mix)017-02-2019
DJ Nenne - Oasis (Original Mix)017-02-2019
The Max - Quien Eres Tu (Original Mix)017-02-2019
NicoRozas - Hold On (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Danny Hay - Here Comes the Rain (Daniel Costa Mix)017-02-2019
The Max - Body Tembles (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Danny Hay - Work It Out (Evanescent Mix)017-02-2019
Marcos Canepa - Everything Drums (Original Mix)017-02-2019
NicoRozas - Raizer (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Minimalix - Minimalix (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Kama - Gold (Kama's Master Mind Mix)017-02-2019
Olajoowantee - Give It to Me (Original Mix)017-02-2019
madbello - Sputnik (Mix)017-02-2019
Pulse Plant - Take Me Away (Original mix)017-02-2019
madbello - Star Fame (Original Mix)017-02-2019
madbello - Sputnik (Original Mix)017-02-2019
madbello - Ussr (Original Mix)017-02-2019
madbello - Ussr Star (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Peter Kharma - Under Pressure (Original Mix)017-02-2019
Giacowler - I Just Want (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Jonathan Alejandro - DiDi (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Scan Mode - This Is House (Original Mix)016-02-2019
World Vibes Music ProjectCellos Balearica - Exotic Travel (Club Edit)016-02-2019
Andrei Gabriel - Nasty (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Jonathan Alejandro - Reset (Original Mix)016-02-2019
GelabertJulep - Shake The June (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Snna - Pastoreando (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Mate_U - Jumbo (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Fiction Factor - Our Community (Original Mix)016-02-2019
XuzavFrann Delice - Se Abre El Telon (Original Mix)016-02-2019
The Class - Fresh Air (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Yell Of Bee - Ruffian Underground (Dub Mix)016-02-2019
Oscar Mula - Cartama (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Gianni RuoccoLe Roi Carmona - Ahi Llego Yo (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Vito Pignatelli - Idiot People (Original mix)016-02-2019
Vito Pignatelli - Idiot People (Domenico Mastandrea Remix)016-02-2019
Oz Romita - Esa Loca (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Espinal & Nova - Ritmo (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Dura - Comino (Jon Rich Dub Remix)016-02-2019
Jason RivasDie Fantastische Hubschrauber - Monegros Desert (Alternative Edit)016-02-2019
Dura - Comino (Jon Rich Remix)016-02-2019
Strikly Nine - Come Get This (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Yell Of Bee - Ruffian Underground (Original mix)016-02-2019
Ronny Santana - About Us (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Luca MJUST2 - Two Pack (Original Mix)016-02-2019
Jason RivasDie Fantastische HubschrauberYamato Daka - Mermaid (Jason Rivas Radio Edit)016-02-2019

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