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New Tech House Tracks - Tech House

New Tech House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
JC Delacruz - Bodhi With Focu (Original Mix)002-04-2019
JC Delacruz - Tamborero (Original Mix)002-04-2019
Walv - Summer Groove (Original Mix)002-04-2019
Gio Rabelo - There´s (Original Mix)002-04-2019
Gio Rabelo - G´zus (Original Mix)002-04-2019
GUSTAVO CJulio Quelal - Dark 593 (Original Mix)002-04-2019
Davide Mentesana - Jacky´s Grooves (Original Mix)002-04-2019
UnAporte - Akatskis (Original Mix)002-04-2019
UnAporte - Persona (Original Mix)002-04-2019
UnAporte - Poli (Original Mix)002-04-2019
UnAporte - Territorio Sagrado (Original Mix)002-04-2019
Tony Mafia - The Groove (Original Mix)002-04-2019
Dom Donato - I Tell the Dj (Original Mix)002-04-2019
Dom Donato - I Tell the Dj (DJQ Remix)002-04-2019
Dom Donato - I Tell the Dj (Guillaume Karma Remix)002-04-2019
Q-Green - Inhale Exhalation (Mama Maestro Dub Remix)002-04-2019
Mazai - Kowloon Beat (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Vilas MonnappaYon DJ - Na Na Shake (Original Mix)001-04-2019
DJ Shu-ma - Love Yourself (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Garex - Mount (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Armandd G - Say Low (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Armandd G - Deep Things (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Gianni RuoccoLe Roi Carmona - Capricorn (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Hyscu - Rush (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Victor Trujillo - Africa (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Tony Thomas - Solid Groovin (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Fernando de SáArthur Martinelli - My Girls (Original Mix)001-04-2019
NASH. - Saturn (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Guillermo DR - LSD (Original Mix)001-04-2019
SLOBOTIK - Boho From The Sub (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Lex Marvelous - Revelations (Original Mix)001-04-2019
NASH. - Mars (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Deds - Dreammer (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Mahe SchulzJenny and Her Microhouse Band - You Can't Touch Me (Dub Club Mix)001-04-2019
Deds - Feel A Right (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Gianni RuoccoLe Roi Carmona - Save The Date (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Jason RivasPositive Feeling - Don't Follow the Lemmings (Radio Mix)001-04-2019
David Cueto (ES) - Never Soul (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Roberto Octava - Mexico Loco (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Jay Newtone - Cuts (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Son of Elita - Taste (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Jay Newtone - Deflection (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Joc House - Pica Flor (Tatun Mix)001-04-2019
Polo Martin - Flamingo (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Sokol - Photon (Edit Mix)001-04-2019
Armandd G - Found it (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Gianni RuoccoLe Roi Carmona - Without Your Head (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Hyscu - Voices (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Hyscu - Dubby (Original Mix)001-04-2019
NASH. - Jupiter (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Federico Scale - Doing What I Feel (Club Mix)001-04-2019
Joseph Gaex - Noise Crazy (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Xavio Ferrer - Conversation (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Lorent Sian - Arabeske (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Maris - Jazzfela (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Toods! - Revolution (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Apollo 84 - Constelations (Original Mix)001-04-2019
GIORG - Break Back (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Mario Donoso - Memories (Original Mix)001-04-2019
patrOn - Bring It (Original Mix)001-04-2019
patrOn - Guaten (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Philipp Straub - Reinforcement (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Menary - Rushing (Original Mix)001-04-2019
GIORG - Take Off (Moss & Enfasi Remix)001-04-2019
Jon Rich - Squadron (Original mix)001-04-2019
Lorent Sian - El Viajero (Original Mix)001-04-2019
MokoBianca Po - Dont (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Ming - Underground Sound (Original Mix)001-04-2019
GIORG - Take Off (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Lorent Sian - Biz - An (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Ultra Funkular Sound - Funk Is That Feeling (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Maris - French Touch (Original Mix)001-04-2019
TexBruno Reyes - Kheden (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Donvic - Basic Groove (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Apollo 84 - Dish (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Joshua Lavin - About Musicc (Original Mix)001-04-2019
GIORG - Take Off (Dissolut Remix)001-04-2019
Philipp Straub - Jericho (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Paolo Madzone Zampetti - Never Stop (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Jholeyson - Mi Pacifico (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Shuski - All That She Wants (Nautica (UK) Remix)001-04-2019
LamxBuzz - Goodbye Tom (Original Mix)001-04-2019
patrOn - Balalaika (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Son of Elita - Follow to Space (Steve Woody Remix)001-04-2019
LamxBuzz - Pile (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Rob PearsonPaul Donton - Flipped & Dipped (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Apollo 84 - Dish (Lexlay Remix)001-04-2019
Pavzo - Last Chance (Original Mix)001-04-2019
TexBruno Reyes - Universell Galenskap (Original Mix)001-04-2019
patrOn - Hear That! (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Klink - Com' On (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Rob PearsonPaul Donton - Flipped & Dipped (Toka Mix)001-04-2019
Rob PearsonPaul Donton - Flipped & Dipped (No Acid Dub)001-04-2019
Rob PearsonPaul Donton - Flipped & Dipped (Hair Band Drop-Out Mix)001-04-2019
Menary - I'm Outta Love (Original Mix)001-04-2019
LamxBuzz - Logique (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Mario Donoso - Yeahh (Original Mix)001-04-2019
Rick Silva - The Consequence (Original Mix)031-03-2019
AWSI - Black Men & White (Original Mix)031-03-2019
Dustin May - Meaningless (Original Mix)031-03-2019

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