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New Progressive House Tracks - Progressive House

New Progressive House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Be Morais - Bedelia's Dance (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Be Morais - Bedelia's Dance (Devys Savoia Remix)022-06-2017
Mark & Lukas - Colours of Life (Axxound Remix)022-06-2017
Mark & Lukas - The Echo of the Mountains (Lumidelic Remix)022-06-2017
Beddermann & Dahlmann - Bimsen, Swaffeln & Muffeln (Innellea Remix)022-06-2017
Beddermann & Dahlmann - Steam the Rope (Dub Mix)022-06-2017
Naxound - Space in Us (Adnan Jakubovic Remix)022-06-2017
Gleb Rubens - Peter Paul (Abraham A. Remix)022-06-2017
Naxound - Invisible World (Original Mix)022-06-2017
John Noir - Hosta (Following Light Remix)022-06-2017
Matt Hieu - Petals on Air (Zisis D Remix)022-06-2017
HENZO - Henzo - Awakening (Original Mix)022-06-2017
STeK - Without One There's None (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Eze Colombo - PaRaLeLo (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Blu Inc - My Love (George Von Liger Remix)022-06-2017
Mindbench - I Wanna Dance All Night (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Slim Block - Dynamite (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Star AngelsSwanky Vibes - Do Not Burn! (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Kavii - Eternity (Radio Edit)022-06-2017
SpatariniKelly Rey - Crazy Life (Stephan F Remix Edit)022-06-2017
SpatariniKelly Rey - Crazy Life (Stephan F Remix)022-06-2017
Sinan Kaya - Came from Nothing (Tembar Remix)022-06-2017
Personal Touches - 121 Days (Original mix)022-06-2017
Fatih Evranos - Heaven (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Fatih Evranos - Heaven (Niceshot & Armando Guerrero Remix)022-06-2017
Fatih Evranos - Heaven (Hakan AKCAN Remix)022-06-2017
Pavel L. - Talisman (Extended Mix)022-06-2017
Pavel L. - Work It (Extended mix)022-06-2017
Paul ThomasWhite-Akre - Red Skies (Extended Mix)022-06-2017
ForcebeatzTom Anthony - Constellation (Extended Mix)022-06-2017
Big Bunny - Hypnosis (Original Mix)022-06-2017
TysonKate Wild - Demons (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Tim Alive - Fate (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Fran'k - Phaser (Original Mix)022-06-2017
Gijs De Mik - Frog Dreams Cat (Namtrack & Karloss Remix)021-06-2017
Dave Ohms - Eclipse (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Spintribe - Sapphire (Original Mix)021-06-2017
MOROSHKA - Something Deeper (Radio Edit)021-06-2017
Yarali Kurzaev - Kabir (Original Mix)021-06-2017
SMR LVE - Faded Memories (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Roman Gostev - It's A New Day (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Dio S - Irresolute (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Dio S - Irresolute (Tatsama Remix)021-06-2017
Dio S - Irresolute (Magnetic Brothers Remix)021-06-2017
Dio S - Irresolute (Magnetic Brothers 'Nature' Mix)021-06-2017
Edward SilverHanar - Robotic (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Max Forword - Instinct Sound (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Vladimir Galactix - Sol Naranja (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Dimitri Skouras - Timeline (Original mix)021-06-2017
Dimitri Skouras - Spiritual Sounds (Original mix)021-06-2017
Bahaa Loudlight - There's Always Hope (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Forest Weed - Spiritual Explanations (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Forest Weed - Developer (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Forest Weed - Thinking Different (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Shot - Dream Vision (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Taylr ReneeStadiumx - Howl At The Moon (Nicky Romero Extended Remix)021-06-2017
T&III - Sky (Original Mix)021-06-2017
DJ Zedo - Dancing in the Sun (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Nick Kaniak - Velour Ghost (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Nick Kaniak - Ladder Up (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Nick Kaniak - Black Ring Delight (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Dan Sonic - Desert Dunes (Loco-Volver Remix)021-06-2017
Dan Sonic - Dreamers (F-Act Remix)021-06-2017
Rocky Dog - Titan (Original Mix)021-06-2017
L.A.Z.E.R. - Sweet Sea (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Dim KTakeover - WE R RDY (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Marc Lawrence - So Far Away (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Ragel Mood - African (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Brutal Kids - Adrenaline (Original Mix)021-06-2017
FullFeedback - When The Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Thomas Ray - Love Supercharger (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Madd3n - Decade (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Lucky Nicky - Bilingual (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Dav'bond - In Paradise (Original Mix)021-06-2017
The Swizze - Melody Of Wind (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Rue Marceau - Sovereign (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Sonny Zamolo - Paris Shanghai (Original Mix)021-06-2017
FatblockDavid Grazioli - My Everything (Original Mix)021-06-2017
A-Mase - Sublime (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Fehrplay - Fortan (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Matt Holliday - Divide & Rule (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Ricardo Piedra - Lava (D.Jameson Remix)021-06-2017
Graumann - My Love (Original Mix)021-06-2017
Yence505 - Summer Vibe (BGR Amazon Sunrise Mix)021-06-2017
Govind Vagale - Tantra Vizag Anthem (Original Mix)020-06-2017
Dead Dog - Big Smile (Original Mix)020-06-2017
Berni Turletti - Natural Balance (Original Mix)020-06-2017
Beat Syndrome - Tsunami (Santiago Garcia Remix)020-06-2017
MartyOnJörgK - Second Lap (Al Conti Remix)020-06-2017
Isaac Differding - Mysteries of the Moon (Original Mix)020-06-2017
Michael Gin - Inner (Original Mix)020-06-2017
Ubbah - In the Desert (Monojoke Remix)020-06-2017
Da Luka - Lost Love (Cream & Deep Fog Remix)020-06-2017
Arilamas - Irreversible (Original Mix)020-06-2017
Lost Promises - Indigo (Original Mix)020-06-2017
Luis Kiverling - Golden Passport (Original Mix)020-06-2017
Fernando Olaya - Memories (Original Mix)020-06-2017
Amoon - Since You've Been Gone feat. Pit Bailey (Club Mix)020-06-2017
TeknobratNikita del Corazon - Love's Our Danger Our Disaster feat. Lance Baptiste (Instrumental Version)020-06-2017
Pimenov - Rockstar (SL Curtiz Remix)020-06-2017

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