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New House Tracks - House

New House Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Lifeserzh - Fuaua (Original Mix)026-07-2018
Alioscia Mele - Spank at Groove (Original Mix)026-07-2018
David Maxter - Soul to Go (Original Mix)026-07-2018
Lorentz Masser - Travel Space (Original Mix)026-07-2018
AyahNTOBS SA - What Changed Us (Original Mix)026-07-2018
Driewad - Django (Soulful Mix)026-07-2018
GeRichFelttingJussendo - Heaven (Md Electro Remix Edit)026-07-2018
Water Juice - Together (Original Mix)026-07-2018
LaDelan - Dont Lose Your Mind (Original Mix)026-07-2018
Mash & Avari - She Got My Heart (Derek Avari Remix)026-07-2018
Bastian Vilda - Feelin Love (Original Mix)026-07-2018
Otamoo - Amor (Afro Latin Mix)026-07-2018
Buben - Lumber (Original Mix)026-07-2018
Norbert Meszes - Till (Dub Mix)026-07-2018
Boofunk - Nintah! (Vocal Radio Edit)012-07-2018
The First Station - Put Em Up (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Boofunk - New Dawn (Instrumental Radio Edit)012-07-2018
The First Station - Droppin Hard (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Street Soul Players - Drive Me Wild (2018 Radio Mix)012-07-2018
Annie LektroKimmie - Take Me Away (Radio Edit)012-07-2018
Boofunk - Stars (Boofunk Vocal Radio Edit)012-07-2018
hello... my name is marcus - What Drives Me Insane (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Annie Lektro - Discoball (Boofunk Radio Edit)012-07-2018
2Style - The Captain of Heaven (Original Mix)012-07-2018
CamiVin Veli - Te Amo (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Damon RushMatt Galbraith - The Ride (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Dennis Quin - You Get That (Original Mix)012-07-2018
TechcrasherDim2Play - K.D.H.H (Morsy Remix)012-07-2018
Street Soul Players - Drive Me Wild (Annie Lektro Radio Mix)012-07-2018
Project 44 - Flight (Radio Mix)012-07-2018
Street Soul Players - I'll Be There (Radio Edit)012-07-2018
Annie LektroKimmie - Take Me Away (JC2 Radio Edit)012-07-2018
Minami - Si Mor (Kita Radio Mix)012-07-2018
Jam Funk - Fool Around (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending (Cassius Remix)012-07-2018
Annie LektroKimmie - Take Me Away (Hazy Jay Radio Edit)012-07-2018
Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending (Prins Thomas Remix)012-07-2018
Alan Brando - Runaway (Extended Vocal Mix)012-07-2018
Rynar Glow - Only Memories (BCR Vocal Extended Remix)012-07-2018
Alfonso Garcia - Don't Stop (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Jam Funk - Talking About (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Liquore - Tell Me Why (BCR Extended Vocal Remix)012-07-2018
Spanish Orchestra - Fly to Me (BCR Extended Vocal Remix)012-07-2018
Deep FactoryFredy Costa - Driving Aimlessly feat. Fredy Costa (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Modern Boots - Lovely Memory (Extended Disco Mix)012-07-2018
Mistakay - Can't Get Enough (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Mistakay - Can't Get Enough (Instrumental)012-07-2018
Ranger - In Your Eyes (BCR New Generation Extended Summer Mix)012-07-2018
Brad Lake - If There's No Tomorrow (BCR Extended Old Vocal Mix)012-07-2018
DJ Nitro - Dindina (Original Mix)012-07-2018
The Insiders - Show Me What (Extended Mix)012-07-2018
Don Amore - I Only Want You (BCR Full Extended Disco Mix)012-07-2018
Anthony Pignataro - Evening (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Andi Depressiva - Lou´s Bathroom Dance (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending (Nina Kraviz House Remix)012-07-2018
Jam Funk - Doctor Gamble (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Jam Funk - Swing Thing (Original Mix)012-07-2018
Tommy Sun - Beach Lover (Extended Vocal Summer Mix)012-07-2018
Limelight - Do You Love Me (Vocal Extended Mix)012-07-2018
Aldo Lesina - When the Rain Begins to Fall (Extended Mix)012-07-2018
Niko FavataMara J Boston - Deep inside Of Me (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Federico d'AlessioGiulio BonaccioAaron K Gray - Reason (Federico d'Alessio Vocal Mix)027-04-2018
Divine Brown80 Empire - Love Alibi feat. 80 Empire (Terry Hunter Instrumental)027-04-2018
Eyptin Wholi - Tricolor (Remastered Mix)027-04-2018
Eyptin Wholi - NY Blues (Remastered Mix)027-04-2018
Eyptin Wholi - Dust Till Morning (Remastered Mix)027-04-2018
Eyptin Wholi - Maggie (Remastered Mix)027-04-2018
CDC (UK) - Cut My Jam (Javi Bora, IAAM Mix)027-04-2018
Lisa ShawFrom P60 - Magic (Enoo Napa Remix)027-04-2018
Wolf Story - Shadows (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Lonya - Achromatic (Kastis Torrau Remix)027-04-2018
James Benedict - All Around (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Sllash & Doppe - Almost Lost It (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Hiver Laver - After Break (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Inner RebelsChris Child - Tisci Shoes (Original Mix)027-04-2018
JCMB - Stop! (Original Mix)027-04-2018
B-Liv - Rhythm Comes Out (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Alvaro Smart - Blah Blah (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Capej - Fortuda (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Max MarinacciRescue Poetix - How brutal this love (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Ashley ThomasSouled - Cultureless (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Organ Dub Mix)027-04-2018
Blaze - Seasons of Love (Original Afro Mix)027-04-2018
Inaya DayYass - BRING IT UP (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Beat A Bella Mix)027-04-2018
95 North - Find A Way To Believe (95 North Club)027-04-2018
Mara J BostonThe Scientists Of Sound - Reason To Live (Original Mix)027-04-2018
James JohnDeon Nathan - OVER & OVER (KYLE KIM REMIX)027-04-2018
PaskiMoose Light Kingdom - People Rocking Glasses (Original Mix)027-04-2018
RASSteff Da CampoLiviu Hodor - Never Look Down feat. RAS (Lost Capital Remix)027-04-2018
Arturo Garces - Man With A Plan (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Arturo Garces - Munchies (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Arturo Garces - Push (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Sean Miller - Arc En Ciel (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Sean Miller - Je T'aime (Original Mix)027-04-2018
AmtracAnabel Englund - Old Times (feat. Anabel Englund) (Gerd Janson Remix)027-04-2018
AmtracAnabel Englund - Old Times (feat. Anabel Englund) (X-Coast Remix)027-04-2018
Kevin Knapp - Blah Blah Blah (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Timo$ - Feel Fire (Original Mix)027-04-2018
COSIDEE - The Way You Feel (Original Mix)027-04-2018
Dave202Gino G - Like an Animal (Andrey Exx Remix Edit)027-04-2018
Jake Anderson - Pacific Ocean (Original Mix)027-04-2018

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