New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Goncalo M - Blind Side (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Dario Sorano - Doors (George Makrakis Remix)018-06-2018
Dario Sorano - Doors (Robert Stahl Remix)018-06-2018
Dario Sorano - Doors (Dual Fuel Remix)018-06-2018
Dario Sorano - Doors (Tommy Libera Remix)018-06-2018
Dario Sorano - Doors (Steve Sai Remix)018-06-2018
Dario Sorano - Doors (SCHÄDEL Remix)018-06-2018
Kev WIllisSheena Bratt - Morphing Imagination (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Kev WIllisSheena Bratt - Morphing Imagination (Gabros Remix)018-06-2018
Kev WIllisSheena Bratt - Morphing Imagination (Juan Trujillo Remix)018-06-2018
Dandi & Ugo - Techno Mood (2Bee Remix)018-06-2018
Dandi & Ugo - Techno Mood Remix (Sopik Remix)018-06-2018
Dandi & Ugo - Techno Mood Remix (ExploSpirit Remix)018-06-2018
Dandi & Ugo - Techno Mood Remix (Vincent Hiest, Digital Session Remix)018-06-2018
Dandi & Ugo - Techno Mood Remix (Sopik Remix 2)018-06-2018
Martin Costas - Above Sky (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Martin Costas - Origin (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Martin Costas - Solid State (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Fckn Gamm - XOF (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Fckn Gamm - XOF (Freiheit Remix)018-06-2018
Fckn Gamm - XOF (Mr. Gemini Remix)018-06-2018
George Makrakis - Red Meat (Original Mix)018-06-2018
George Makrakis - Finding Time (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Andres Gil - At The Gates (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Andres Gil - Glass Room (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Chris Piks - Glock (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Chris Piks - Electric Child (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Chris Piks - Bunchy (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Claudio Polizzotto - A19 (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Jason Mills - Concussion Funk (Atze Ton Remix)018-06-2018
Jason Mills - Concussion Funk (Celino & Hensen Remix)018-06-2018
Kolt Us - CardioMeter (Original mix)018-06-2018
Kolt Us - Metronomy (Original mix)018-06-2018
Frank Ross - T-Rex (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Frank Ross - T-Rex (Kubot Remix)018-06-2018
Frank Ross - T-Rex (Kamil Van Derson Remix)018-06-2018
Frank Ross - Velociraptor (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Frank Ross - Velociraptor (Kreisel & Idiosynkrasia Rework)018-06-2018
Lash (HU) - Babality (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Lash (HU) - Dancing in the Dark (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Lash (HU) - Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Lash (HU) - Forget the World (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Lash (HU) - I'm Living the Dark (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Hell Driver - Hostile Arrival (Alen Milivojevic & Drzneday Remix)018-06-2018
Fabio Guarriello - Shuttle (DJ Veljko Jovic Remix)018-06-2018
Tom Iron - Sonar (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Tom Iron - Irn004 (Billy Niko Remix)018-06-2018
Tom Iron - Irn004 (Kamil Van Derson Remix)018-06-2018
Tom Iron - Irn004 (Tropar Flot Remix)018-06-2018
Tom Iron - Irn004 (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Tom Iron - Irn004 (JonO Remix)018-06-2018
Tom Iron - Irn004 (Tankhamun Remix)018-06-2018
Akira - Till You Die (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Double Drums - Inside Our Soul (Original Mix)018-06-2018
KabiDeserved Man - Schranz Castle (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Mental Crush - The Bass On Your Face (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Luix Spectrum - Duality (Rework)018-06-2018
Luix Spectrum - Duality (Andres Gil Rework)018-06-2018
Luix Spectrum - Duality (Cristian Glitch Remix)018-06-2018
Luix Spectrum - Duality (David Londono Remix)018-06-2018
GrozdanoffAlex Cartella - Overdose (Diatek Remix)018-06-2018
Luix Spectrum - Black & White (Klangtronik Remix)018-06-2018
Berri & Wald - Liftoff (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Hell Driver - Jericho (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Luix Spectrum - Ira (Fabrizio Pettorelli Remix)018-06-2018
Gabros - Pump (Klangtronik Remix)018-06-2018
Luix Sperctrum - Toxic (Albert Kraner Dark Remix)018-06-2018
2bee - Introspective Hellish Nightmare (Original Mix)018-06-2018
Mariano Santo - Interceptor (Original Mix)018-06-2018
KRBO - Tirana (Original mix)018-06-2018
KRBO - Bop Bop (Original mix)018-06-2018
Honey Bunny - Jump Higher (Original mix)018-06-2018
Honey Bunny - Jump Higher (Dub Mix)018-06-2018
Na7 - Get Dirty (Original Mix)017-06-2018
Smily Slayers - Fleeze Is Coming (Original Mix)016-06-2018
Smily Slayers - Meteoric Metaphysics (Original Mix)016-06-2018
Order Of The Muffin - Frost (Original Mix)016-06-2018
Order Of The Muffin - Lumineux (Original Mix)016-06-2018
Freiheit - The Day (Original Mix)016-06-2018
Freiheit - Everything is Wonderful (Original Mix)016-06-2018
Giacomo Sturiano - Midnight In a Dirty Mexico's Club (Original Mix)016-06-2018
Pablo Caballero - Darker Ilution (Original Mix)016-06-2018
DJ Malakya - New vs Oldstyle (Original Mix)015-06-2018
Calypso & Miller - Destiny (Single Version)015-06-2018
Calypso & Miller - Destiny (3 Jahre Tekk is Back Intro Version)015-06-2018
Mark FischerSchlipper - Factory (Original Mix)015-06-2018
Mark FischerSchlipper - Fokus (Original Mix)015-06-2018
Underkong - Drug Addiction (Original Mix)015-06-2018
Pablo Caballero - Things are going to change (Original Mix)015-06-2018
m.a.m.i. - Give it Up (Original Mix)015-06-2018
Resonance US - Disoriented Original Mix (Original Mix)015-06-2018
Mariano Santos - Lifestyles (Original Mix)015-06-2018
The Phrenetic Project - Left Turn Right Place (Original Mix)015-06-2018
A.p.t.a - 9 MM (Original Mix)015-06-2018
A.p.t.a - Treshold (Original Mix)015-06-2018
Syrinx - Deadly Hustle (Original Mix)015-06-2018
Syrinx - Hard Dance (Original Mix)015-06-2018
Syrinx - Ubercore (Original Mix)015-06-2018
AkiraSyrinx - Sippin Trippin MF Hoe (feat. Akira) (Akira Chop VIP)015-06-2018
Vi Ta Lee - No Limit on Distortion (Original Mix)015-06-2018

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