New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore
New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Dr. PeacockMr. Ivex - Frenchtastic (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Mr. IvexSefa - LSD Problem (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Mr. Ivex - Vision (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Mr. IvexSghenny - Paramore (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Angerfist - Criminally Insane (Para Italia & Dr. Peacock Remix)027-04-2017
Para Italia - Mad World (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Rabent - She Likes Hard (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Acceleration (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Acid Bass (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Ambush (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Blow Through Te Pipa (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Bulldog (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Community (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Cool Techno (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Cry (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Drive (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Help Psychiatrist (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Improvisation (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Lusia (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Play Bass (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Soft Voice (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Splash (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Talker (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - TECHNO Technology (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Then Music (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - The Republic of Moldova (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Alex Brend - Version (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Gabbanatic - The Rebel Riddim (Original Mix)027-04-2017
KRTM - Chaser (Monkey With Shotgun) (Original Mix)027-04-2017
KRTM - Heckler (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Tripped - Smakelijk (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Linus Quick - Lion (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Linus Quick - Meet The King (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Linus Quick - Nordlichter (Original Mix)027-04-2017
SpitnoiseBrainteaser - 700 Watt (Original Mix)027-04-2017
SpitnoiseThe Solo Project - Let Me Go (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Poor Pay Rich - Atlas (PRODX Remix)027-04-2017
Poor Pay Rich - Atlas (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Poor Pay Rich - Safer (Original Mix)027-04-2017
TomDJ - White Kiss (Extended Mix)027-04-2017
TomDJ - White Kiss (Simon-B Remix)027-04-2017
Jason LittleMr. Madness - Heaven or Hell (Withecker Remix)027-04-2017
Jason LittleMr. Madness - Heaven or Hell (Asin Remix)027-04-2017
Jason LittleMr. Madness - Heaven or Hell (H T 4 L Remix)027-04-2017
Jason LittleMr. Madness - Heaven or Hell (Alex B. Remix)027-04-2017
AnGy KoRe - No Half Measures (A.Paul Redub)027-04-2017
Spiros Kaloumenos - Route 303 (A.Paul Remix)027-04-2017
Horacio Cruz - Cerox (A.Paul Remix)027-04-2017
Joy FagnaniPrimal Beat - Sacrifices (A.Paul Remix)027-04-2017
DJ T-1000 - The Revenge (A.Paul Unreleased Remix)027-04-2017
A.Paul - Bizzarre Remnants (A.Paul Unreleased Remix)027-04-2017
Teka BH.B. Monte - Mosh Pit featuring H.B. Monte (Salvation Remix)027-04-2017
Tropar Flot - The Devil`s Tomb (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Tropar Flot - Evil Works in Mysterious Ways (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Kxel - Magnesium (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Kxel - Magnesium (A.Paul Remix)027-04-2017
Soul Hacker - Golem (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Soul Hacker - Behemoth (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Rob GeeThe BeatKrusher - Live Your Life (Original Mix)027-04-2017
Chevaline - Two Atom (Original mix)026-04-2017
Alex Endo - Electrics Mama (DEFEO Night Version)026-04-2017
FUNGUS (CR) - Everyday Stone (Original Mix)026-04-2017
FUNGUS (CR) - Helicopter (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Relapse - Kicked In The Dirt (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Relapse - Beat Conductor (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Lost Origin - Our Truth (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Lost Origin - Rock The Beat (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Lost OriginSOTUI - Judge Not (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Km-System - Devil's Reaper (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Km-System - F'ck This Place (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Km-System - Brutal Funk (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Moonbearmatic - Moonset Suite (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Moonbearmatic - Main Stage 6 PM (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Moonbearmatic - Lucky (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Moonbearmatic - Like 1994 (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Neck - XY Fucker (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Neck - Not Alone (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Sergy Casttle - Techno Gamers (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Sergy Casttle - Warning (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Basic Structure - Bad Girl Call (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Basic Structure - Black Transfer (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Basic Structure - Bad Thoughts (Original Mix)026-04-2017
DypraxNorphine - Don't Fear Death (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Chevaline - Nicotine (Original mix)026-04-2017
Oldskool Boyz - Kameraden (Original Mix)026-04-2017
Almir Ljusa - Little Things (Original Mix)025-04-2017
Almir Ljusa - Triple (Original Mix)025-04-2017
French Brother - Hard (Original Mix)025-04-2017
French Brother - Hard (Marysue Remix)025-04-2017
French Brother - Hard (Zekiel Remix)025-04-2017
French Brother - Hard (Bruchrille Remix)025-04-2017
French Brother - Hard (Remy Julien Remix)025-04-2017
French Brother - Hard (Christian Schachinger Remix)025-04-2017
French Brother - Hard (Las Vegas Parano Remix)025-04-2017
Execrate - Zombie (Original Mix)025-04-2017
Execrate - Zombie (DJ Smurf Remix)025-04-2017
DieselNosferatuAleeLXCPR - LOS! (SSZD Kingsday Anthem 2017) feat. Alee feat. Lxcpr feat. Diesel (Original Mix)025-04-2017
Miss Adk - Ellos Y Nosotros (Original Mix)025-04-2017
Miss Adk - La Ilusion De Los Accidentes (Original Mix)025-04-2017
Almir Ljusa - El Mundo (Original Mix)025-04-2017

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