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New Hardcore Tracks - Hardcore

New Hardcore Tracks

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Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Edo Messina - The Right Direction (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Edo Messina - Brainstorming (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Edo Messina - Dangerous (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Edo Messina - The Right Direction (T78 Remix)017-08-2017
Edo Messina - Brainstorming (D.A.V.E The Drummer Remix)017-08-2017
DJ Ogi - Cres (DJ Scale Ripper Remix)017-08-2017
DJ Ogi - Cres (Distek Remix)017-08-2017
RaftekMonica Maffei - Expansion Galaxy (Jon Connor Remix)017-08-2017
Kalos - Abstract Techno (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Kalos - Synaptic (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Kalos - Organic Human (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Goncalo M - Different Drum (Chris Chambers Remix)017-08-2017
FuLi - Folterknecht (Original Mix)017-08-2017
FuLi - Folterknecht (A.P.T.A Remix)017-08-2017
FuLi - Folterknecht (Felix Wehden Remix)017-08-2017
FuLi - Folterknecht (Klangtronik Remix)017-08-2017
FuLi - Folterknecht (Spule Acid Remix)017-08-2017
Celino & Hensen - Crime Is Madness (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Celino & Hensen - Symphobia (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Sebastian Mora - Black Room (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Sebastian Mora - Black Room (Dorian Donati Remix)017-08-2017
Sebastian Mora - Black Room (Resonance (US) Remix)017-08-2017
Sebastian Mora - Black Room (Chris Pinto Remix)017-08-2017
Greg Notill - Point of No Return (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Greg Notill - Point of No Return (ESM Remix)017-08-2017
Greg Notill - Unsicher (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Greg Notill - Unsicher (Dave Blunt Remix)017-08-2017
DJ Dbmassive - Soon (Original mix)017-08-2017
DJ Dbmassive - Naked (Original mix)017-08-2017
CarnageCluster - Rock 'N Rollers (Relapse Remix)017-08-2017
CarnageCluster - Life: Hardcore (Kader Remix)017-08-2017
CarnageCluster - Life: Hardcore (Audio Nail Remix)017-08-2017
Gastar-Ten - Voxr7778 (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Ryusuke - Mushroom Regression (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Fujitatadashi - Redrum (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Knecht - Toroid Core (Original Mix)017-08-2017
Stefano Ippoliti - The Light Side of the Moon (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Stefano Ippoliti - Mataboom (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Stefano Ippoliti - The Est Side of the Big Apple (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Narmek - Field A (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Narmek - Rational View (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Narmek - Train 3 (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Dgtp - Crash the Party (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Dgtp - Kvindt Prachtig (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Dgtp - Pillen Pakkuh (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Dgtp - Stoned 2.0 (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Fundamentalist - March Of Sadness (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Day-mar - My Path (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Zeom - fighting lead to killing (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Zeom - Fear two K17 (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Hyper Binary - #3.013 (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Hyper Binary - #3.014 (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Fusion Point - Butterfly (Original Mix)016-08-2017
Natacha A - Centipede (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Natacha A - Mouth Piece (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Scorpyd - Frustration (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Scorpyd - Mad as Fuck (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Scorpyd - Motherfucker from the Heart (Remix)015-08-2017
D-Silent - Duende (Original Mix)015-08-2017
D-Silent - End Of Time (Original Mix)015-08-2017
D-Silent - Three Rhythms (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Mirko Antico - Terminator (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Mirko Antico - Virus (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Noseda - Evil Force (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Noseda - Sandmen (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Noseda - Carriers (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Imaxx - Encre Bleu (Original mix)015-08-2017
Fernando Garrido - Allocated (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Fernando Garrido - Gothic (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Fernando Garrido - Place Name (Original Mix)015-08-2017
Fernando Garrido - Take A Hit (Original Mix)015-08-2017
ECHOBEAT - All Over (Tito K. Remix)014-08-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Improvidence (Tito K. Remix)014-08-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Improvidence (Fuli Remix)014-08-2017
ECHOBEAT - All Over (Da Mad Mixologist Remix)014-08-2017
Moleculez - Brain Parasites (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Sample Junkie - Yes Jah (Dave Skywalker Remix)014-08-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Improvidence (Hellmekanism Remix)014-08-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Improvidence (Church Tax Remix)014-08-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Improvidence (Mark Cowax Remix)014-08-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Improvidence (Lu!G Remix)014-08-2017
Batteriebetrieb - Improvidence (Bush Pig Remix)014-08-2017
Entropy Frequency - Mare Lunaire (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Entropy Frequency - Universe (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Entropy Frequency - Look For Jack (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Entropy Frequency - Sirius (Original Mix)014-08-2017
ECHOBEAT - All Over (Rob Wilson Remix)014-08-2017
ECHOBEAT - All Over (Jason Mythos Remix)014-08-2017
ECHOBEAT - All Over (Tizian Torte Remix)014-08-2017
ECHOBEAT - All Over (Mark Cowax Remix)014-08-2017
ECHOBEAT - All Over (The Nax Remix)014-08-2017
Etherculture - Rot (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Etherculture - Meat Hook (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Tinoko - Because (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Tinoko - Because (Josement Remix)014-08-2017
Merimell - Lost Saint (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Merimell - Outsider (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Merimell - Slave (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Timao - Constructeur (Original Mix)014-08-2017
Timao - Constructeur (Bruchrille Remix)014-08-2017

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