New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance
New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance

New Hard Dance Tracks

Welcome to the latest Hard Dance Tracks on Keep checking this page for the latest Hard Dance music as it's updated daily!

Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
EufeionDenile - Hear Me (Original Mix)024-04-2017
D-Crypt - Liberty (Radio Edit)024-04-2017
D-Crypt - Liberty (Original Mix)024-04-2017
J-Trax - Stop Da Party (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DeetoxSub Sonik - My Way (Pro Mix)024-04-2017
Necroformers - Choose To Die (Radio Edit)024-04-2017
Necroformers - Choose To Die (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Kickin' Da Bass (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Chelyabinskiy Meteorite (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Murka (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Psyvex - Strange Things (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Art Frequency - On Fire (Original Mix)024-04-2017
MC NeatCharlotte Devaney - Pull Up feat. Charlotte Devaney (Flaremode & Zeno Remix)024-04-2017
RevoxRebecca Royle - Restless (feat. Rebecca Royle) (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Baklajan (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Da Funky Beat (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Stu Infinity - Save My Life (Ganar 2016 Remix)024-04-2017
GeniusLXCPR - How We Do (Pro Mix)024-04-2017
DagothOwntunez DJ - 1995 (DJ 156 BPM Remix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Shake 2 Be (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - O Clone (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Baz - Everywhere (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Art Frequency - Meanings (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Rodi Style - Let Go (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Music (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Pimp Da Dirty Bitch (Original Mix)024-04-2017
GeniusLXCPR - How We Do (Edit)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Feel The Beat (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Rob TisseraAudox - Twisted (Original Mix)024-04-2017
GPetDJ 156 BPM - Slabak (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Ksenia Tkachuk - Ya Veter (DJ 156 BPM Club Remix)024-04-2017
Charlie Goddard - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Activist - The Calling (Extended Version)024-04-2017
RVAGE - Purpose Of Life (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Sephyx - Save Me (Extended Mix)024-04-2017
Aztech - Open Your Eyes (Extended Mix)024-04-2017
AztechSam Lemay - Young Fools (Extended Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - I've Got The Love (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Ksenia Tkachuk - Znai, Kak Ya Lublu Tebya (DJ 156 BPM Club Remix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Bring The Bass (Original Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - You Can Party (Original Mix)024-04-2017
RansomZanyMC Dash - Tijd om te Zagen [SSZD Kingsday 2017 Zany & Friends OST] feat. MC Dash (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Danny Fierce - Brandy & Coke (Original Mix)024-04-2017
NcryptaLuminite - Transmission (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Phandelic - Defeat The Shadow (Epic Mix)024-04-2017
DJ 156 BPM - Up & Down (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Sound Rush - Live Forever (Pro Mix)024-04-2017
Festuca - For The Music (Radio Edit)024-04-2017
Phandelic - Defeat The Shadow (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Tarot - King of Sticks (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Festuca - For The Music (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Luminite - Behind Enemy Lines (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Costa PantazisDJ Pawel C - The Butterfly Effect (Renegade System Remix)024-04-2017
Luminite - Extraterrestrial Science (Original Mix)024-04-2017
Costa PantazisDJ Pawel C - The Butterfly Effect (Renegade System Dub Mix)024-04-2017
Phandelic - Defeat The Shadow (Radio Edit)024-04-2017
Luca - Spaghettification (Original Mix)023-04-2017
D ProjectChris Cockerill - Love Shines On (Original Mix)022-04-2017
Fran Dunne Duni - Under The Influence (Original Mix)022-04-2017
Rodi Style - Sound Language (Extended Mix)022-04-2017
Danny V. - Vaernes (Original Mix)022-04-2017
Beyro Mendez - Time Is Running Out (Diego. Morril Pres Tdm Remix)022-04-2017
Rodi StyleSarah-Jane Neild - Breaking Free feat. Sarah-Jane Neild (Extended Mix)022-04-2017
Costa PantazisDJ Yorrin - Possession (Originall Mix)022-04-2017
Burak Haritliolu - Nobodys Perfect (Original Mix)022-04-2017
XS Project - Kolotushki (DJ 156 BPM Remix)022-04-2017
Sound Interference - Something Inside (Original Mix)022-04-2017
Sound Interference - Something Inside (Radio Edit)022-04-2017
AMAV - Dark (Original Mix)022-04-2017
DJ R. ShockThe Reaper - You Fuckin Faggot (Original Mix)022-04-2017
Ketanoise - Over Pressure Waves (Original Mix)022-04-2017
Paranoizer - Gimme More (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Core Creator - Trap Door (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Moscore Strikes Back - Hard Energy (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Karl-K - We Are One (Original Mix)021-04-2017
D.O.M. - Running Up (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Carles S - Nobody Says (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Activator - Authentic Style (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Liquid Blasted - Hard Energy (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Hyronist - Matafaka (Original Mix)021-04-2017
X-Fly - Hard Energy (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Lethal Beat - Hard Energy (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Dualcore - Vatalen (Original Mix)021-04-2017
The Beast ProjectDa Mouth Of Madness - Unleash the Rage (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Phil Reynolds - All The Time (Aftershok Remix)021-04-2017
Rodi StyleGrooveTongue - Shake Shit Up (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Technical DifficultiesGemma Bingham - Freeze Time (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Leighton Smith - Buddy Love (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Asylum - Shogun (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Digital MafiaGaz F - What's This Button Do (Original Mix)021-04-2017
5D Psychic Systems - Wow That's Rough (Original Mix)021-04-2017
5D Psychic Systems - Remember 1998 (Original Mix)021-04-2017
5D Psychic Systems - Wana Make Bass To Ya (Original Mix)021-04-2017
5D Psychic Systems - Live Communicative Network (Original Mix)021-04-2017
5D Psychic Systems - Master Blaster (Original Mix)021-04-2017
5D Psychic Systems - Gradually Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Arkett Spyndl - Seduction (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Costa Pantazis Meets. Guyver - Providence (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Frank Dattilo - Wave Storm (Original Mix)021-04-2017
Mavrik - Flashback (Original Mix)021-04-2017

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