New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance
New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance

New Hard Dance Tracks

Welcome to the latest Hard Dance Tracks on Keep checking this page for the latest Hard Dance music as it's updated daily!

Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Zatox - Slavery (Extended Mix)023-01-2018
ZatoxVillainToneshifterz - Ready for the Bass (Extended Mix)023-01-2018
ZatoxKronosDave Revan - Kings of the Front Row feat. Dave Revan (Extended Mix)023-01-2018
ZatoxAsteroidzWallaby - Bad Habit (Extended Mix)023-01-2018
ZatoxPherato - Babylon (Extended Mix)023-01-2018
X-Den Project - Forest (CJ Alexis Remix)023-01-2018
D3lta - The Ultimate (Original Mix)023-01-2018
Napster - Master Of The Drop (Original Mix)023-01-2018
WeldonShockspears - Shine feat. Weldon (Original Mix)023-01-2018
TOXIC LMNTS - Warhorn 911 (Original Mix)023-01-2018
Acro - Nature (Original Mix)023-01-2018
Sephyx - Freedom (Extended Mix)023-01-2018
Scale - Greatness (Extended)023-01-2018
HartshornYUKIYANAGI - Higher (Extended Mix)023-01-2018
The Sky Flyer - Matre Ersax (Original Mix)023-01-2018
Sub Sonik - Drums Of War (Extended)023-01-2018
EmmaD:Code - Like I Feel (R:EVOLVE Rmx)023-01-2018
SXF Thunderscream - Raver 4 Life (Original Mix)023-01-2018
SXF Thunderscream - Raver 4 Life (Extended Mix)023-01-2018
SXF Thunderscream - Raver 4 Life (Localhost Project Remix)023-01-2018
Rebelion - My Mind (Original Mix)022-01-2018
LuminiteRebelion - Underground (Original Mix)022-01-2018
MaliceRebelion - Confronting Voilence (Original Mix)022-01-2018
High VoltageD-Block & S-te-Fan - Kingdom Shiverz (Original Mix)022-01-2018
B-Freqz - Hope (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Royal SDeluzion - Inside My Head (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Prefix & Density - Time Travel (Original Mix)022-01-2018
ClockartzBram Boender - The Art Of Being One (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Ran-DClockartz - Victorious (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Phuture Noize - Chaos & Order (MYST Remix)022-01-2018
EndymionDegos & Re-Done - Watch Me Fall (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Titan - Time And Space (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Degos & Re-Done - I Am Lost (Original Mix)022-01-2018
B-FrontPhuture Noize - The Enigma (Original Mix)022-01-2018
FrequencerzWarface - Not Afraid (Original Mix)022-01-2018
AdaroE-Life - Black Rain (Official Hard Bass 2018 Anthem)022-01-2018
B-Front - Illusion (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Digital Punk - Nothing Can Hold Us Back (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Phuture Noize - Save Me (B-Front Remix)022-01-2018
Frequencerz - Alright (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Sub Zero Project - Playing With Fire (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Rebelion - BTTF (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Rebelion - The TSAR (Original Mix)022-01-2018
VazardDelete - Explosions (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Sub Sonik - Drums Of War (Original Mix)022-01-2018
D-Sturb - Apocalyptic Darkness (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Malice - Psykoshit (Original Mix)022-01-2018
War Force - Droppin Bombs (Original Mix)022-01-2018
WarfaceTha Watcher - Overkill (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Sound Rush - Magical (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Headhunterz - Subsonic (Original Mix)022-01-2018
RazzleEmphasis Razzle - Never Let Go (Original Mix)022-01-2018
ZatoxCoone - Audio Attack (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Sound Rush - Live Forever (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Sound RushEurielle - Back To The Roots (Original Mix)022-01-2018
CooneRagga Twins - Jack Who? (Straight Fire Remix)022-01-2018
Rebourne - Phoenix (Original Mix)022-01-2018
WildstylezIsaac - Lost In Music (Original Mix)022-01-2018
The Pitcher - Keep It Up (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Headhunterz - Eternalize (Hard Bass 2012 Anthem)022-01-2018
Psyko Punkz - Make The Fire Burn (Original Mix)022-01-2018
DeetoxSound RushElyn - Inferno (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Sound Rush - Ghost Story (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Project One - One Without A Second (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Frontliner - Warphole (2014 Editt)022-01-2018
D-Block & S-te-Fan - In The Dark (Intro Edit)022-01-2018
Audiotricz feat. Forester - Lovefool (Original Mix)022-01-2018
WildstylezMichael Jo - Colours Of The Night (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Zatox - Sunlight (Zatox & Sub Zero Hard Edit)022-01-2018
Noisecontrollers - You Know I Like It (Original Mix)022-01-2018
DJ Isaac - Let There Be Hardstyle (Original Mix)022-01-2018
RebourneD-Block & S-te-Fan - Louder (Loud Edit)022-01-2018
ShockwaveEnvine - Ain?t No Stopping Us Now (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Code Black - Together As One (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Rob Mayth - Feel My Love (Sub Zero Project & Devin Wild Remix)022-01-2018
Thyron - Suicidal Tendencies (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Thyron - Suicidal Tendencies (Radio Mix)022-01-2018
GavGStyle - SavinRock (UK Hardcore Light Mix)022-01-2018
GavGStyle - SavinRock (UK Hardcore Dark Mix)022-01-2018
EmmaD:Code - Like I Feel (R:EVOLVE Radio Remix)022-01-2018
Matt Mara - Gay Fish (Nikkdbubble & Filthy Kitten Remix)022-01-2018
KELTEK - Dance The Way I Am (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Sound Rush - Hard Bass 2018 Continuous Mix 1 (Original Mix)022-01-2018
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Hard Bass 2018 Continuous Mix 2 (Original Mix)022-01-2018
B-Front - Hard Bass 2018 Continuous Mix 3 (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Rebelion - Hard Bass 2018 Continuous Mix 4 (Original Mix)022-01-2018
TNTSound Rush - Right Now (Original Mix)022-01-2018
Matt Wade - Outta My Mind (Original Mix)020-01-2018
Furystomper - I Will Rise Up (Original Mix)020-01-2018
Spamatic - Bamboo (Original mix)020-01-2018
Daniel Doering - Cybernetik Love (Rainer K Remix)019-01-2018
Wavetraxx - New Day (Original Mix)019-01-2018
Wavetraxx - New Day (Alternative Mix)019-01-2018
Wavetraxx - New Day (Swiss Mix)019-01-2018
Wavetraxx - New Day (Renegade System Remix)019-01-2018
Tara Banks - Fame Hungry (Original Mix)019-01-2018
D_M_B - Polaris (Original Mix)019-01-2018
ZAIGA - 9 Lives (Original Mix)019-01-2018
Gav G-StyleChemikalz - Drifting (Original Mix)019-01-2018
Matt ClarksonGaz Frost - Long Gone (Original Mix)019-01-2018

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