New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance
New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance

New Hard Dance Tracks

Welcome to the latest Hard Dance Tracks on Keep checking this page for the latest Hard Dance music as it's updated daily!

Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Andy FarleyColin Barratt - Uluru (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Ben Stevens - Repeat (Original Mix)017-11-2017
DJ Arbrandt - United (Original Mix)017-11-2017
NavarroUrta - My Expression (Original Mix)017-11-2017
NavarroUrta - Heras Mode On (Original Mix)017-11-2017
LEZAMAboy - Unfaithful (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Dave OwensSteve Hewitt - Firefighter (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Grady G - Yokel (Dramatik Remix)017-11-2017
RvNovae - Valery (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Tha Bomber - Uk Warning (Deano Ballistik Remix)017-11-2017
The Cutter - Kill the Batman (Air Teo The Cutter Mix)017-11-2017
Jace W. - Injection (Radio Edit)017-11-2017
Jace W. - Injection (Extended Mix)017-11-2017
Nuton - Good Vibes (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Jud Roper - Mr Delf (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Wasted PenguinzAdrenalize - Scandinavia (Extended Mix)017-11-2017
Ben StevensRattez - A Blazin' Symphony (Original Mix)017-11-2017
#Rolling Out - Playgirl (Original Mix)017-11-2017
12 Inch Thumpers - The Rock Don't Stop (Knuckleheadz Remix)017-11-2017
2 Twisted Twunts - Life In The Fast Lane (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Rich ResonateKonektAaron Langstaff - Phat Track (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Abzolution - Sweet Magic (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Amp Attack - Jas Funk (Original Mix)017-11-2017
ElivateKristofRownz - Need Help! (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Pick & Load - Who You Are (Original Mix)017-11-2017
SQClare McLaren - Just Give Me (Original Mix)017-11-2017
StarmanGeneral Bounce - That Whitney Choon (Left Eye Remix)017-11-2017
Rick James - Mushroom Jelly! (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Venkman - Jalapeño Face (Original Mix)017-11-2017
Killshot - Like An AK (Original Mix)016-11-2017
Alex KiddBass-D - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)016-11-2017
MasonicAMV - Wodka (Original Mix)016-11-2017
SzenPublic Enemies - About To Die feat. Szen (Extended Mix)016-11-2017
ExtremeDonk - The Top (Original Mix)016-11-2017
Stereotuners - Angels (Extended Mix)016-11-2017
StereotunersUnresolved - Don't Fuck With Us feat. Unresolved (Extended Mix)016-11-2017
NavarroUrta - The Parient (Original Mix)016-11-2017
NavarroUrta - Pokyspace (Original Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - I Wanna Feel (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - House Work (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - I Need To Love Me (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - Cocktails (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - Let It Go (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - Desire (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - Rip Saw (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - Night Lover (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - Amphetamine (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - Stand Up (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - Part Time Lover (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - We Are Infinite (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Shaun Williams - Finally (Album Mix)016-11-2017
Kit Hype - In My Head (Original Mix)016-11-2017
J. JBlack - Let It Go (Original Mix)016-11-2017
Regain - Xorcism (Original Mix)015-11-2017
Regain - Xorcism (Radio Mix)015-11-2017
Raw Harmony - After Dark (Original Mix)015-11-2017
Alektra - Be Free (Whodat Remix)015-11-2017
DJ BrunoNavarroUrta - Maximun (Original Mix)015-11-2017
DJ BrunoNavarroUrta - Playoffs (Original Mix)015-11-2017
Philippe Rochard - Lamia's Lullaby (Anthem Mix)015-11-2017
Philippe Rochard - Lamia's Lullaby (Director's Cut)015-11-2017
Philippe Rochard - Lamia's Lullaby (Rab-Beat's Back in the Day Mix)015-11-2017
X-Pander - Street Revolution (Original Mix)015-11-2017
Katherine EllisDJ OskarSergio Caubal - Honey (Original Mix)015-11-2017
Drake Liddell - I'm In Love (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Hard Driver - Hardstyle 24/7 (Extended Mix)014-11-2017
NavarroUrta - La Cabra (Original Mix)014-11-2017
NavarroUrta - Villamencisko (Original Mix)014-11-2017
SpectraSiderunners - Feelings (Original Mix)014-11-2017
DevotionFiredropz - Where To Find Me feat. Firedropz (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Hardstyle MafiaUnkind - Prometheus (Original Mix)014-11-2017
RadianceGenox - Resurgence (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Vyral & Infirium - Principles Of Life (Original Mix)014-11-2017
D-VerzeThe Purge - Sea Of Flames (Original Mix)014-11-2017
InfiriumMind Dimension - Awakening (Original Mix)014-11-2017
VazardMind DimensionThe Wicked - Perfect Abomination (Original Mix)014-11-2017
Various Artists - Spoontechnicians (Continuous DJ Mix)014-11-2017
Sub Zero ProjectLXCPR - Unity (Edit)014-11-2017
Frequencerz - Alright (Edit)013-11-2017
E-ForceSub Zero Project - Here Comes The Boom (Edit)013-11-2017
Strix - Remarkable Power (Original Mix)013-11-2017
DJ Gelida - Jump (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Chris One - Deathmatch (DJ Mix)013-11-2017
Tss ProyectNavarroUrta - Real Dream (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Tss ProyectNavarroUrta - Real Dream (Hard Mix)013-11-2017
Tss ProyectNavarroUrta - Poty Poty (Original Mix)013-11-2017
TechnoboyTuneboy - 1998 (Edit)013-11-2017
Max EnforcerHeavynnANDY SVGE - Deep'r (Original Mix)013-11-2017
ZatoxLe Shuuk - Basswall (Edit)013-11-2017
Rebourne - Free (Edit)013-11-2017
Galactixx - Out Of The Dark (Edit)013-11-2017
Project One - Luminosity (Original Mix)013-11-2017
NoisecontrollersBass Modulators - Electric Solar (Original Mix)013-11-2017
Da Tweekaz - Komon (Edit)013-11-2017
Wildstylez - Temple Of Light (Qlimax Anthem 2017)013-11-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Promised Land (Edit)013-11-2017
DJ IsaacSound Rush - Find Me (Edit)013-11-2017
Orphan - Higher (Edit)013-11-2017
Devin WildJNXD - Back Home (Edit)013-11-2017
Psyko Punkz - Psyko Foundation (The Prophet Remix)013-11-2017

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