New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance
New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance

New Hard Dance Tracks

Welcome to the latest Hard Dance Tracks on Keep checking this page for the latest Hard Dance music as it's updated daily!

Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Project Exile - Burn (Original Mix)020-09-2017
Project Exile - Burn (Radio Edit)020-09-2017
Enemy Contact - Knock Knock (Original Mix)020-09-2017
SewyEnemy Contact - Invent Yourself feat. Sewy (Original Mix)020-09-2017
Nando CP - Funky Beat (Original Mix)020-09-2017
Sergio Caubal - Poky Mexicano (Original Mix)020-09-2017
Sergio Caubal - Poky Mexicano (Nando Cp Remix)020-09-2017
MaliceWarfaceRooler - Watch Your Back (Original Mix)020-09-2017
Ant Garbe - Son Of A Gun (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)020-09-2017
Jordi Bump - Don't Let Go (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Digital Mindz - Cybertron (Imperatorz Remix) (Extended Mix)019-09-2017
Jon ParraOSOTYT - Dámelo (Original Mix)019-09-2017
Sub Sonik - To Hell (Mrotek & Deimos Remix)019-09-2017
LutezAll FatherNatalia Natchan - Meaning (Original Mix)019-09-2017
MuzzNoizy Boy - Shadow (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Sub Sonik - Look At Me Now (Delete Remix Extended)018-09-2017
Sub Sonik - To Hell (Mrotek Remix)018-09-2017
Low-EZero Sanity - Clubbin' (Extended Mix)018-09-2017
Adventum - Uncensored (Original Mix)018-09-2017
DJ KinoMiky One DJIrra Dj - Are U Ready (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Baz Coleman - Go (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Brioni Faith - Skyscrapers (Industrial Mix)018-09-2017
TechnikalJared P - We Live (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Future Elements - It Was 2005 (Original Mix)018-09-2017
SephyxRobert Falcon - Heart Of Gold (Hardstyle Extended Mix)018-09-2017
Ganar - For The Sky (Extended Mix)018-09-2017
Ale Handrop - Call My Soul (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Carl NicholsonTechnikal - System Shock (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Undefined - Dark Skies (Original Mix)018-09-2017
J-Trax - Walk Right In (Original Mix)018-09-2017
Side E-Fect - Like This (Original Mix)017-09-2017
RvNovae - Into The Void (Original Mix)016-09-2017
King & Joker - All I Wanna Be (Original Mix)016-09-2017
Al Storm - Werewolf (Jekyll's Intro Mix)015-09-2017
Sean Inside OutDale West - Meathead (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Encoder - Pain 2k17 (Book Of Raw Remix)015-09-2017
Encoder - Pain 2k17 (Book Of Raw Remix Edit)015-09-2017
Encoder - Pain 2k17 (Encoder Remix)015-09-2017
Encoder - Pain 2k17 (Encoder Remix Edit)015-09-2017
Encoder - Pain 2k17 (Envoy Remix)015-09-2017
Encoder - Pain 2k17 (Envoy Remix Edit)015-09-2017
Encoder - Pain 2k17 (The Originalz Remix)015-09-2017
Encoder - Pain 2k17 (The Originalz Remix Edit)015-09-2017
Saint - Courtney Love (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Baintermix - Travel Train (Original Mix)015-09-2017
InfiniteEnzo - Resurrection (Original Mix)015-09-2017
D-Lyte - Champion (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Cino (POR) - Soul Rises to Heaven (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Marc Lewis - Seafood Dinner (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Frank FarrellRandom But RawKid Rich - Bug Hunt (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Hardsoulz - No Waking (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Sounderz - Magic (Simply Wild Outdoor Anthem 2017)015-09-2017
Sylver - Turn Your Love Around (Machiazz Remix)015-09-2017
AmentisHeatwavez - Street Life (Extended Mix)015-09-2017
StarmanItalo Bounce - Age Of Giving (Radio Edit)015-09-2017
StarmanItalo Bounce - Take Me 2 The Top (Original Mix)015-09-2017
StarmanItalo Bounce - Age Of Giving (Original Mix)015-09-2017
StarmanItalo Bounce - Higher (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Audio Chimp - Just Can't Stop (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Pick & Load - Hot For You (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Marie LouiseHarry Hard - Be Free (Fred Swift Remix)015-09-2017
Groove Control - Pump! (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Graham Styles - Pumpin (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Mr MisterJoe Longbottom - Shut The Feck Up (Original Mix)015-09-2017
StarmanItalo Bounce - No Clue (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Big DHarry Hard - Into The Night (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Marie LouiseVital BassSonic Bounce - Don't Give A Damn (Sonic Bounce Mix)015-09-2017
Matt Alliss - Get This Plane (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Tazzy B - The Rhythm (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Scott Brown - Brain on drugs (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Al Storm - Voodoo (Original Mix)015-09-2017
Luca LSDJSpeed DJ - The Prophet (RVS Bass Mix)014-09-2017
DJ OskarRachel - In My Life (Poomstyles Remix)014-09-2017
Jon BWJack Butler - Roll Play (Original Mix)014-09-2017
Shaun Williams - Amphetamine (Original Mix)014-09-2017
Jaime Guerrero - Heavy (Original Mix)014-09-2017
D-Sturb - High Power (Original Mix)014-09-2017
Danny Gilligan - Just Let Go (Original Mix)014-09-2017
Riot Shift - The Beast (Original Mix)013-09-2017
Riot Shift - The Beast (Radio Edit)013-09-2017
VillainHard Driver - What I Die For (Extended Mix)013-09-2017
Raul Arribas - Life (Original Mix)013-09-2017
TaylorBanks - Wastin' Time (Original Mix)013-09-2017
Psychosis - Take The Sound (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Antidote (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Fired Up (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - 2 Silhouettes (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - God Is A DJ (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Promised Land (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - By Myself (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Dreams (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - In The Dark (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Eye Of The Storm (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - No Apoya No Folla (Original Mix)012-09-2017
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Above Average (Original Mix)012-09-2017
DJ OskarAlex Coppola - Heart & Soul (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)012-09-2017
HitmanBlue EyesSc@rRefluxIYF - Lost In Love (Original Mix)012-09-2017
Geck-OPhrantic - Can't Stand Still (Shaken DJ Mix)012-09-2017
Low-EAlter Egosz - Kartong (Original Mix)012-09-2017
Intractable One - Guerilla Radio (AM Rawdio Mix)012-09-2017

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