New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance
New Hard Dance Tracks - Hard Dance

New Hard Dance Tracks

Welcome to the latest Hard Dance Tracks on Keep checking this page for the latest Hard Dance music as it's updated daily!

Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
AdnAdrenalize - Get Up feat. ADN (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Technikore - Stavkroa 2018 (Start It Over) (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Marcio - Shiny Shadows (Original Mix)019-04-2018
DJ Starmist - Come On (Original mix)019-04-2018
DJ Navas - New Life (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Artifact - Downfall (Krowdexx Remix)019-04-2018
Artifact - Blackout (Original Mix)019-04-2018
BrainkickerHardstatic - Beating & Shaking 2018 (Brainkicker Remix)019-04-2018
BrainkickerHardstatic - Beating & Shaking 2018 (Operation Zero Remix)019-04-2018
SitoCheka - Now (Original Mix)019-04-2018
SitoCheka - Now (J. JBlack & Jaime Guerrero Remix)019-04-2018
Link7 - Break (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Peska & Neuro - Dark Reflections (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Enyqma - Eternal Space (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Hackney Council - 1 Night In Wonderland (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Hackney Council - Shut Up (You C4nt) (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Hackney Council - Point Of No Return (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Hackney CouncilScott Fo-Shaw - Baby, Baby (Original Mix)019-04-2018
Zatox - Unstoppable (Extended Mix)018-04-2018
MC CoppaKronos - Born To Dominate feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)018-04-2018
Jordi Bump - We All Need Love (Original Mix)018-04-2018
Level One - The Greatest Lesson (Original Mix)018-04-2018
Flash Blezko - Solid (Original Mix)018-04-2018
Vazard - Seeker Of Fire (Original Mix)018-04-2018
VazardMain Concern - Wonderland Destroyed (Original Mix)018-04-2018
Vazard - Apocalypse (Original Mix)018-04-2018
Vazard - My Jam (Original Mix)018-04-2018
Vazard - Heavolution 303 (Original Mix)018-04-2018
Demi KanonInverze - Close Our Eyes (Original Mix)017-04-2018
Inlaw Project - Nobody Else (Original Mix)017-04-2018
Shutterz - Emergency Broadcast (Extended Mix)017-04-2018
Arzadous - The Final Hunt (Original Mix)017-04-2018
Arzadous - The Final Hunt (Radio Edit)017-04-2018
Ektomorph - Gangstar Ryde (Original Mix)017-04-2018
Microman (FR) - Hearing Drug (Original Mix)017-04-2018
The Buckness - The Wild Call (Original Mix)017-04-2018
The Buckness - Rocking With The Buckness (Original Mix)017-04-2018
Current Flow - Griffa (Original Mix)017-04-2018
DJ VicDJ Contra - Baby Hit Hat (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Ressurectz - Say Some More (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Ressurectz - Say Some More (Edit)016-04-2018
Jamie Ritmen - Jack Faith (Kevin Instinct Remix)016-04-2018
Current Flow - Fraksm (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Kujin-Fu - Breaking (Contagious 170 Mix)016-04-2018
HyperEclectic Beatz - Hands In The Air (Original Mix)016-04-2018
RikoACB - Freak On (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Joey RiotDanny R-Core - Ascension (Original Mix)016-04-2018
M-ProjectS-Worx - Mother Fucker (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Time To Fuckin Rock - Kurt vs Psyvex (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Liqo - Piledriver (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Kujin-Fu - Get Back (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Chris Fear - Bitches Shake It (Original Mix)016-04-2018
KurtBeefyRy-On - All Bitches (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Remember The Name - Hyper (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Kujin-Fu - Ratatata (Contagious 170 Mix)016-04-2018
No Sweat - Lets Get Down (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Bassline AnimalsDemize - Fuck Dat Hoe (Original Mix)016-04-2018
EcstaticKrigare - Dead To Life feat. Krigare (Extended Mix)016-04-2018
Ben StevensRoss Homson - Flemish Weaver (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Andy FarleyBen Stevens - High As You Like (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Rodi Style - Change Up (Paul Glazby Remix)016-04-2018
Jason Roberts - U Got Me (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Rodi Style - Cross Format Focus (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Velos - Revenge (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Ben TownsendLeon Allen - K Stands For Knowledge (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Adam M - Disco Shit (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DisturbedDr Tre - Boltthrower (Original Mix)016-04-2018
James TaffFKM - Cherry Poppin (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Tim Clewz - Sock It To Me (Rodi Style Remix)016-04-2018
Ben Stevens - The Warning (Ilogik Remix)016-04-2018
Defective AudioDave Curtis - Habanero (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Ben TownsendLeon Allen - Face 2 Face (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Ben StevensWMD - Just Fcuk (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DixieRiggsyLefty - Wanted (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Frank Farrell - Incubus (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Ben StevensDynamic Intervention - Burnout (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Ben TownsendEm-Extreme - Get A Move On (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Unkind - F#ckin' With The Best (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Unkind - F#ckin' With The Best (Radio Mix)016-04-2018
LEZAMAboy - L-Boy (2018 Remake)016-04-2018
Avi8 - Come Back (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Avi8 - Come Back (Radio Edit)016-04-2018
SybridImperiaIite - Continous Sentiments (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Dj Castaño - Melody of Mathou (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DJ ContraT-T Destroy - Lost In Paranoid (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Victor RondaDJ Contra - Don't Want No (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Dj Contra - Infect Mak (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DJ LewisDj Bombi - The World Of Lewis (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DJ PeyesDJ Puertas - Let'S Go (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DJ LewisDj Bombi - The World Of Bombi (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Dj Contra - Speed Trance (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DJ FrankyDJ Contra - Bober Drum (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DJ LewisDj Bombi - Hard Noize Two (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DJ T-T Destroy - New Melody (Original Mix)016-04-2018
DJ PeyesDJ Puertas - D.D.D. (Original Mix)016-04-2018
Dj Contra - Hard Voel Je Die Style (Original Mix)016-04-2018
GinoDJ ContraMochue - Dinner (Original Mix)016-04-2018
RiraN - Brick (Original Mix)015-04-2018
RiraN - Brick (Radio Edit)015-04-2018
Ian Moi - Heptagon 2018 (Original Mix)014-04-2018

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