New Funky/Club House Tracks - Funky/Club House
New Funky/Club House Tracks - Funky/Club House

New Funky/Club House Tracks

Welcome to the latest Funky/Club House Tracks on Keep checking this page for the latest Funky/Club House music as it's updated daily!

Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Swing City - Classroom (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Candy Shop - Do It Like This (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Wally Lopes - Do It Right Now (Dub Mix)004-02-2019
Smooth Ensemble - My Love (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Aurelius - Sleep Walking (Young Stuna's Remix)004-02-2019
Soul Deep CollectiveAnthony Poteat - I Can't Give Up (Instrumental Mix)004-02-2019
Max'CN.W.N. - Wanna Be Happy (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Solution 99 - I Need You (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Circle Of FunkMike City - Nite Til Dawn (Original Mix)004-02-2019
ZuluMafiaRee Morris - Running After You (Main Mix)004-02-2019
Lee WilsonKelvin Sylvester - No More Love, Pt. 3 (Groove Assassin Remix)004-02-2019
Danny Clark - Resurrection (Main Mix)004-02-2019
Daniele Baldi - Gimmie Sunshine (Extended Mix)004-02-2019
Seamus HajiMekkah - Race Of Survival (Richard Earnshaw Revibe)004-02-2019
Inferno - Only The Strong Survive (JT's Thumpin Dub)004-02-2019
Roy Jazz Grant - Elbow Grease (Classic Club Mix)004-02-2019
ElisaDavide Inserra - Don't You Be Afraid (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Soul Power - Play Your Own Game (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Feelosophy - Where Has Love Been (WHLB) (Federico d'Alessio Remix)004-02-2019
Perfection - Set Me Free (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Tsepo King - Moments (Lilac Jeans Remix)004-02-2019
LyricaSmolAce Bliss - Places I Have Never Been (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Mara J BostonGuido P - Believe (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Various Artists - Vocals #1 (Mixed by Disco Van) (Continuous DJ Mix)004-02-2019
Mellowflex - Piura (Original Mix)004-02-2019
PaganyArduini - Show Me How Good (Arduini & Pagany Electric Funk Vocal)004-02-2019
KAANE - Things I Said (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Ben Colmen - Every Night (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Hudson Passos - Funky Decision (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Schtroobo - All I Really Need (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Kekkotronics - First Job feat. LTJ (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Tom SilverOla Egbowon - I Can't Say Goodbye (Acapella)004-02-2019
Jose Zaragoza - Bounce (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Seductive SoulsOnita Boone - Ain't Nobody (Mousse T.'s Ain't No Good Man Mix)004-02-2019
Joey Chicago - Treat Me Like an Angel (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Nik Feral - Insider (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Ivan Salvador - Kiwoko (Original Mix)004-02-2019
DJ Justin Johnson - Gino's Boogie (Samuel L. Jackin's Tribal Remix)004-02-2019
DJ Justin Johnson - Gino's Boogie (Samuel L. Jackin's Remix)004-02-2019
Nicola Zucchi - WoW (Extended Mix)004-02-2019
Hudson Passos - Summer Sunset (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Hudson Passos - Connected (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Hudson Passos - Summer Sunset (Wesley Menezes Remix)004-02-2019
Hudson Passos - The Morgan (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Hudson Passos - We Are Society (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Hudson Passos - Time Manner Things (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Hudson Passos - House Music 808 (Original Mix)004-02-2019
Natalie MajorBenny JBIGMOO - Lost In Your Charade feat Natalie Major (Alexander Orue's Miami at Night Remix)004-02-2019
Techno Mama - Powerful Sine (Original mix)003-02-2019
Jey Di - To My Rolyo (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Jon Rich - Turn Me On (Vagabong Mix) (Original mix)003-02-2019
BTRN - Up Till Dawn (Instrumental version)003-02-2019
Jazzman WaxIban Montoro - Chocolate (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Oxyenen - Discoshine (Oziriz ft. Dura Remix)003-02-2019
Spark - Put Em Up Now (Original Mix)003-02-2019
madbello - Only Moods (Mix)003-02-2019
DJ BUZDUGAN - Bounce (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Raniero Kay - Music Oraund the World (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Maye - There for You (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Orlando Magik - Moving,Body (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Phil Disco - My Play (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Arthur - Aluminum House (Original Mix)003-02-2019
RubSt3p - Disclousure (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Arthur - Arcade (Original Mix)003-02-2019
DJ Lugo - Esperanza (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Schelmanoff8 Hertz - Future 1 (Extended Mix)003-02-2019
Nuphonic - Soul xx (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Arthur - Amsterdam (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Schelmanoff8 Hertz - Future 1 (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Sinatra (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Neutral (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Evidence (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Jukebox (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Kissed (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Pappermint (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Stones (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Mixture (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Possession (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Schoked (Original Mix)003-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Gabbana (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Donald (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Mac (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Geyster - It's About You (Jeremy Bass & Rio Dela Duna Disco Mix)002-02-2019
Angelo Scalici - Dat Bass (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Hazzaro - Love Like This (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Desert Bled (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Gas Overthere (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Agency Cor (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Jason RivasTry Ball 2 FunkGlitch Vuu - Play That Funky Music (Radio Glitch Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Gasoil Theft (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Horror Gold (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Ray MDNyannaJunior 'eM - House of Jack (feat. Nyanna) (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Leon On Me (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Missy Jay (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Hola Maxy (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Singapore (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Etoile Merci (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Fourlife Style (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Asteroid Bar (Original Mix)002-02-2019
Crippa & Scardicchio - Usb (Original Mix)002-02-2019

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