New Electro House Tracks - Electro House
New Electro House Tracks - Electro House

New Electro House Tracks

Welcome to the latest Electro House Tracks on Keep checking this page for the latest Electro House music as it's updated daily!

Artist - Track Name (Release)LikesDate Added
Awaish Ahmed - Rebound (ShirazJaved Edit)028-05-2017
RageMode - Louder (Original Mix)028-05-2017
Awaish Ahmed - Rebound (Original Mix)028-05-2017
Yoshi Sushi - Dancing Drive (Original Mix)028-05-2017
Danial Shan - Phantom (Original Mix)028-05-2017
Vyacheslav Sketch - Girls (Original Mix)028-05-2017
Dinomir - Commando (Original Mix)028-05-2017
St0ne - Headshot (Original Mix)028-05-2017
Shiraz Javed - Get Down (Extended Mix)027-05-2017
Shiraz Javed - Get Down (Original Mix)027-05-2017
Stuffer - Musical Company (Original Mix)027-05-2017
KEITFOSTER - Electrica (Original Mix)027-05-2017
KEITFOSTER - Diode (Original Mix)027-05-2017
DJ Sm - In the Club (Original Mix)027-05-2017
F3d - Magnum (Original Mix)027-05-2017
Dream Sound Masters - Get Down 2017 (Anthony Gorden Remix)027-05-2017
DJ PreacherMark Ganesh - I'm Alone (Original Mix)027-05-2017
Freezone - Midnight (Original Mix)027-05-2017
Hifler BooxOSC4R - Goals (MMAR Remix)027-05-2017
June 1974 - Skin (Original Mix)027-05-2017
June 1974 - Violent Days (Original Mix)027-05-2017
Matisse & Sadko - Jank'n'Gank (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Sam D - Sollemnitas (Club Mix)026-05-2017
Sam D - Sollemnitas (Radio Edit)026-05-2017
Gabriel GDJ WallasDJ Morph - Melody (The Critical Bounce Remix)026-05-2017
Nick Double - Call of the Ancients (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Matt SlaterSums - Bangerz (Electrocker Remix)026-05-2017
LoopersGoja - Back To The Future (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - At the First Meeting (Nogawa Kazune Remix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - Owarinakiowari (Tokomanonka Remix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - Night Train (Quine Ghost Remix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - Komoriuta (Mondaystudio Remix)026-05-2017
Osmia - Wildness (Extended Mix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - All of Me (Zekk Remix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - Can I Come by Tonight (Nor Remix)026-05-2017
CDj Team - White Wolf (Extended Mix)026-05-2017
V-ZELL - Sangeet (India Mix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - She Is Dorothy (Yumeka Remix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - Morning Song (Nic Bommarito Remix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - Bird Song (Line Craft Remix)026-05-2017
Sima Kimamerican green - Wisdom Tooth (Lastorder Remix)026-05-2017
John Dahlback - Diva (Extended Mix)026-05-2017
Estetic - To Eternity (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Fraenz - Whistleblower (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Federland - Attention (Eckodeli Remix)026-05-2017
Bruno Martini - Living On The Outside (FTampa Remix)026-05-2017
Caladium - Ticks (Original Mix)026-05-2017
TUNZ CRSHRZ - Back To Freak (Original Mix)026-05-2017
ProbsNMayhem - The 4th Flavour (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Gravity Horizon - Alfa (Original Mix)026-05-2017
PantherBlack Tiger Sex Machine - Face Down ft. Panther (Crystalize Remix)026-05-2017
Huff - The Bounce (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Huff - Beggars Choice (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Huff - Jacks Axe (Original Mix)026-05-2017
PantherBlack Tiger Sex Machine - Face Down ft. Panther (SUB-human Remix)026-05-2017
Huff - Push Control (Original Mix)026-05-2017
DhanyDj Coach - People Help & Posted On Youtube feat. Dhany (Psyco In The House Edit)026-05-2017
Bonmot - Run Away With Me (Radio Edit)026-05-2017
ElectroKidz - Mangalor (Original Mix)026-05-2017
MiiTRAK - Phoenix (Radio Edit)026-05-2017
GDM - MVDNESS (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Danko - Savior (MARNIK Remix (Extended))026-05-2017
Mark Vox - Nashville (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Sfer - Dark Storm (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Dave202 - Gufa (Original Club Mix)026-05-2017
Mike Spaccavento - Stroke (Original Elektro House Mix)026-05-2017
Christina PasionKevin Rodriguez - My Love feat. Christina Pasion (Radio Edit)026-05-2017
DJ Luna - My City Is the Best to Enjoy My Happiness (Original Mix)026-05-2017
Alex Morales - In the House (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Alex Hardway - Computer Love (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Anthony Randazzo - Outside (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Deep Noise - In the Music (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Ian Heldens - Be Right (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Ian Heldens - Deep in the Underground (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Indiebeat - Crowd (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Martin Brown - Something Better (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Mitsu Beat - Festival Night (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Red Alert - Work It Out (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Nichi - CyberGenetiks (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Anais - Dance MoFo (Original Mix)025-05-2017
TransitbotNichi - Beats Not Bombs (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Christ J. Ex. - Avtek (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Vocatronik - Lets Drop The Beat (Original Mix)025-05-2017
OverdosePureglam - Tebas (Original Mix)025-05-2017
JxA - Blow (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Lostsoundbytes - JustAcidJack&NoMore (Original Mix)025-05-2017
KuKuS - Dark World (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Maxim Aqualight - I See Now Hands (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Titus1 - Arcadia (Original Mix)025-05-2017
LvL7 - Hijack (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Samual JamesJDG - Shaolin (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Damon RushAjvas - Don't Cha (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Chris RoldanPaskiJohn Emil - The Way You Wanted feat. John Emil (Dorian G-Night Remix Extended)025-05-2017
Chris RoldanPaskiJohn Emil - The Way You Wanted feat. John Emil (Extended Mix)025-05-2017
Mr. Loud - Born Lover (Original mix)025-05-2017
Mr. Loud - Walk Of Game (Original mix)025-05-2017
Ready Or Not - Feel The Vibe (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Offer Nissim - Ain't No Mountain feat. The Bitches (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Offer Nissim - If You Only Knew feat. Maya Simantov (Original Mix)025-05-2017
Marco GiannonePacettoAmoruso - Broken Heart (Deep Version)025-05-2017

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