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Radical Redemption - Accumulated Filth (Resurrection Remix)26-06-2019
Braincracker - Another Species (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Radical RedemptionTha Watcher - The Spell Of Sin feat. Tha Watcher (Resurrection Remix)26-06-2019
Braincracker - Rebon (Original Mix)26-06-2019
MatoX - Killa (Original Mix)26-06-2019
NiereichShadymTximeleta - Deletion (Original Mix)26-06-2019
NiereichShadymTximeleta - Cataclysm (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Iberican Storm - Solar Eclipse (Sam Scheme Remix)26-06-2019
Iberican Storm - Solar Eclipse (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Iberican Storm - Solar Eclipse (Aluria's UFO Mix)26-06-2019
Iberican Storm - Solar Eclipse (Serkan Eles Remix)26-06-2019
Rafa'EL - Interference (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Rafa'EL - Interference (Dowden Remix)26-06-2019
Ricardo Piedra - Endless Summer (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Ricardo Piedra - Volcano (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Ricardo Piedra - Bambusa (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Abity - Friend (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Abity - Inheaven (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Abity - Inheaven (Zankee Gulati Remix)26-06-2019
Abity - Fluticasona (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Abity - Fluticasona (Hot TuneiK Remix)26-06-2019
Chromewell - Far Away (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Dimitris KalfasNikko Mavridis - Westheimer (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Dimitris KalfasNikko Mavridis - Westheimer (Ge Bruny Remix)26-06-2019
Dimitris KalfasNikko Mavridis - Westheimer (Gaston Ponte Remix)26-06-2019
Newcorp - Flayming (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Newcorp - Limitles (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Newcorp - Tsunami (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Never More - Sleep (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Never More - Doomsday Device (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Never More - Sleep (Pako & Frederik Remix)26-06-2019
Steve AllenKatty Heath - Infinity (Extended Mix)26-06-2019
Kasa Remixoff - #29 (Extended mix)26-06-2019
Cosmithex - Ground Control (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Aphrodisiak - Jazz Breaking (Jazzy Mix)26-06-2019
Nico Leguizamon - Lenoel (Original Mix)26-06-2019
Deeplastik - Star Catcher (Vocal remix)26-06-2019
Deeplastik - Star Catcher (Dub remix)26-06-2019
Nico Leguizamon - Lenoel (LorenZ Remix)26-06-2019
Genox - Inhuman 2.0 (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Vazard - Epilogue (Vyral Remix)25-06-2019
Rooler - The Rules (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Riot Shift - Oblivion (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Chris One - Stay (Original Mix)25-06-2019
DeleteTha Watcher - Payback (feat. Tha Watcher) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Ran-D - The Power Of Now (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Phuture Noize - Monster (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Myst - Restless, Hostile, Unforgiving (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Apexx - Machines Don't Bleed (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Digital PunkNicole Carino - Eclipse (feat. Nicole Carino) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Gunz For Hire - Blood Brothers (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Apexx - Painkiller (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Sefa - One Tribe (Defqon.1 2019 Anthem) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
RoolerSefa - Remember The Name (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Cyclon - Skyfall (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Para ItaliaSefa - Survive (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Vertex - The End (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Project One - The Art of Creation (Sefa Remix)25-06-2019
Sefa - Wat Zullen We Drinken (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Mr. IvexSefa - God's Plan (Original Mix)25-06-2019
The Prophet - Wanna Play? (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Audiofreq - Fire Power (Original Mix)25-06-2019
CryptonThe Shade - Artifact (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Mr. IvexCaptain Core - Galakc (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Sefa - Pain (Original Mix)25-06-2019
KillshotD-SturbWarfaceDeleteArtifact - Strive for Domination (feat. Killshot & Artifact) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Myst - Take Me Away (Original Mix)25-06-2019
RebelionMicah Martin - The Edge (feat. Micah Martin) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
FrequencerzWarface - Menace (D-Sturb 'The Next Level' Remix)25-06-2019
Last Reborn - Back Again (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Hard Driver - Young Birds (Extended Mix)25-06-2019
KELTEK - Defqon.1 2019 CD1 Mixed by KELTEK (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Phuture Noize - Defqon.1 2019 CD2 Mixed by Phuture Noize (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Sefa - Defqon.1 2019 CD3 Mixed by Sefa (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Delete - Defqon.1 2019 CD4 Mixed by Delete (Original Mix)25-06-2019
KELTEK - One Tribe (Defqon.1 2019 Anthem) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Psyko PunkzMongooseAdosa - Life Is A Game (feat. Adosa & MonGoose) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Mc DLDemi Kanon - Grace (feat. MC DL) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
HeadhunterzSound RushEurielleRyan Louder - Follow Me (feat. Eurielle & Ryan Louder) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Armin van BuurenSam Martin - Wild Wild Son (feat. Sam Martin) (Devin Wild Remix)25-06-2019
AtmozfearsSound Rush - Together As One (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Hard DriverKELTEK - Valley Of The Blind (Original Mix)25-06-2019
CooneBrennan HeartMax P - Fight For Something (feat. Max P) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Noisecontrollers - Headlights (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Demi KanonInverze - Break The Silence (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Da TweekazD-Sturb - Anything (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Bass Modulators - Ruffneck Bass (Original Mix)25-06-2019
D-SturbEmese - The Ultimate (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Phuture Noize - One Tribe (Defqon.1 2019 Anthem) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Phuture Noize - Wasted All Of My Time (Original Mix)25-06-2019
FrequencerzPhuture Noize - Starlight (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Hard DriverLast Word - Wild Ones (feat. Last Word) (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Ecstatic - Aliens (Original Mix)25-06-2019
Ross Homson - Chromotap (Ben Stevens Extended Mix)25-06-2019
Ross Homson - Chromotap (Ben Stevens Edit)25-06-2019
Andy FarleyBase Graffiti - Bass Vibration (Ross Homson Extended Mix)25-06-2019
Andy FarleyBase Graffiti - Bass Vibration (Ross Homson Edit)25-06-2019
Radical Redemption - Accumulated Filth (Resurrection Mix)25-06-2019
Radical RedemptionTha Watcher - The Spell Of Sin feat. Tha Watcher (Resurrection Mix)25-06-2019
Mc DLAdrenalize - Endless Affection (Affection Festival 2019 Anthem) (Original Mix)25-06-2019

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