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JebroerAnita Doth - Marathon (Original Mix)18-06-2018
DR Rude - Drop That Low (Original Mix)18-06-2018
SlanderKayzoMicah Martin - Holy (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Boombox Cartelnessly - Moon Love (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Rat N FrikK - Millennial Kid (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Yellow ClawStoltenhoff - Beastmode (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Vlado - Wake Up (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Rat N FrikK - High Or Low (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Primeshock - Target training (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Jonathan MendelsohnKAAZE - End Of The World (Dr. Phunk Remix)18-06-2018
Darren StylesTweekacore - Partystarter (Da Tweekaz Remix)18-06-2018
Rat N FrikKSkinto - Could Die (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Da TweekazSephyx - This Is Special (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Lost Identity - Send ?Em Home (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Radical Redemption - Sacrifice (Original Mix)18-06-2018
BillxDr.Peacock - It?a called XTC (Original Mix)18-06-2018
The Punisher - Give me (Meccano Twins Remix)18-06-2018
Brutale - Brutale (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Re-Style - Get It Crackin' (Sefa Remix)18-06-2018
Radium - Oh My Core (Original Mix)18-06-2018
The Melodyst - Personal demon (Andy The Core Remix)18-06-2018
Andy The Core - About The Rage (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Monkey Bizness - Bank Robbery (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Max EnforcerDigital Punk - Start The Revolution (Original Mix)18-06-2018
LunaChain ReactionKold KonexionCrypsisAct of rageRadical RedemptionMinus MilitiaNolz - Brothers in Sound (Original Mix)18-06-2018
DV8Radical RedemptionNolz - Out For Blood (Original Mix)18-06-2018
CrypsisNolz - F#ck The Average (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Radical Redemption - The Darkest Moment (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Minus Militia - Pessimal Evil (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Act of rageNolz - Alpha Rebel (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Radical Redemption - Satan?s Play (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Radical RedemptionMc Nolz - The Road to Redemption (Original Mix)18-06-2018
LunaE-Force - Mindcontroller (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Radical Redemption - Brutal 7.0 (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Minus Militia - Bring The Pain (Original Mix)18-06-2018
MaliceD-Sturb - Drop ?Em Down (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Radical RedemptionNolz - Kingpin (Original Mix)18-06-2018
CrypsisD-Fence - Vol Gas Met Die Bass (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Rat N FrikK - Not An 808 (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Ransom - Hit The Sky (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Rat N FrikK - Defqon.1 2018 Continuous Mix - White (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Project One - Maximum Force (Defqon.1 Anthem 2018) (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Sound Rush - Guide You (Original Mix)18-06-2018
NoisecontrollersAtmozfears - This Is Our World (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Wildstylez - Bounce Like This (Original Mix)18-06-2018
DJ IsaacPsyko PunkzSound Rush - Unbreakable (Original Mix)18-06-2018
VillainD-Block & S-te-Fan - We Don't Stop (Lights Out) (Original Mix)18-06-2018
AtmozfearsToneshifterz - You & Me (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Wildstylez - Children Of Drums (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Audiotricz - Discover The New (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Jay ReeveXense - Don't Give Up (Original Mix)18-06-2018
EndymionEvil ActivitiesE-Life - Broken (Wildstylez Remix) (Wildstylez Remix)18-06-2018
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Twilight Zone (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Max EnforcerBass Modulators - Our Soul (Original Mix)18-06-2018
TNTBrennan Heart - Hard Knockin' Beats (2018 Edit) (Original Mix)18-06-2018
B-FreqzJonjo - Lights (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Sub Zero Project - The XPRMNT (Original Mix)18-06-2018
X-MindAndy The Core - Disto Disco (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Reevoid - Dancing with the devil (Original Mix)18-06-2018
The Melodyst - Floor licker (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Andy The CoreThe Melodyst - Italian psycho (Original Mix)18-06-2018
The Sickest Squad - Zombie (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Art Of Fighters - Evoke (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Andy The Core - Undisputed (Original Mix)18-06-2018
The Sickest Squad - Purple (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Andy The CoreFreakon - Something4 (Original Mix)18-06-2018
A-KrivF.Noize - Get Ready (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Andy The Core - Brutal Method (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Lenny DeeThe Sickest Squad - It's Just a MF (Original Mix)18-06-2018
The Melodyst - Hard travel (Original Mix)18-06-2018
HeadhunterzWildstylez - Defqon.1 2018 Continuous Mix - Red (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Andy The Core - Defqon.1 2018 Continuous Mix - Black (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Radical Redemption - Defqon.1 2018 Continuous Mix - Blue (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Beats Are Broken - Back Again (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Beats Are Broken - Take Control (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Paket - Heart of Stone (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Paket - My Game (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Nerve - Don't Preach Me (Original Mix)18-06-2018
DJ Bross - Get Up And Dance (Original Mix)18-06-2018
TheBeatStops - Icon (Original Mix)18-06-2018
TheBeatStops - Come On (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Under Break - This Is Your Melody (VIP Mix)18-06-2018
Under Break - Impossible (Original Mix)18-06-2018
The Brainkiller - Thinking About the Way (Stakato Remix)18-06-2018
The Brainkiller - Thinking About The Way (Paket Remix)18-06-2018
BreaksMafiaSteppa StyleSanty G - One By One (feat. Steppa Style) (Detach Remix)18-06-2018
BreaksMafiaSteppa StyleSanty G - One By One (feat. Steppa Style) (MURIX Remix)18-06-2018
Stex - Frog (Psybreaks Remix)18-06-2018
DJ Randy - That's Right Baby (Original)18-06-2018
Blakjak - Alpha Bass (VIP remix) (Blakjak's VIP remix)18-06-2018
Plu-Ton - Space Crusaders (Jayson Butera's Remix)18-06-2018
trecut - Gap Filling (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Soul Style - Speed (Original Mix)18-06-2018
ReTTriger - Ghostly Silhouettes (Original Mix)18-06-2018
ReTTriger - Specter (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Disperto Certain - Here You Have (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Rit. - Need You (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Dutty Sound - Brooklyn To Bedminster (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Dutty Sound - Speaker Burn (Original Mix)18-06-2018
Stromlinie - 2 You (Original Mix)18-06-2018

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