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Mackie SRM450

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Mackie SRM450

Mackie SRM450

Mackie SRM450 description Overview

The Mackie Designs SRM450 is a full range, portable, active loudspeaker system providing high output, wide dispersion, and low distortion performance in a compact, composite molded enclosure. Two amplifi ers independently power a high precision 12-inch professional woofer and 1.75-inch diaphragm titanium compression driver with a 1-inch exit throat. A sophisticated electronic control system provides phase correction, crossover, and fi ve modes of thermal and active system protection.

The SRM450 is fi tted with a specially designed horn assembly that combines both an exponential and conical geometry. With the addition of a multi-cell horn throat aperture, the complete assembly provides unparalleled dispersion characteristics. The result is super smooth, lowdistortion linear audio performance across the entire specifi ed coverage angle of 90 degrees.

A servo feedback circuit has been added to the lowfrequency amplifi er in order to provide extended bass response and woofer control. This design provides simultaneous positive and negative signal feedback information from the woofer’s magnetic circuit to the low-frequency amplifi er. This loop locks the two devices together and provides extreme control of the woofer mass. The result is extended linear movement of the woofer cone resulting in very high SPL low-frequency output levels.

Careful attention has been given to the ergonomic features of the system. The center of gravity, handle locations, handle design, position of fl y-points, and ease of use have been carefully thought out. There is also an integrated pole mount on the bottom of the cabinet and a weather-resistant steel grille. The asymmetrical trapezoidal cabinet has been designed to provide an ideal fl oor monitoring position.

The SMR450 features a number of unique control features including a single microphone and line-level control in addition to a high-pass fi lter for fl oor monitoring applications, an AC timed turn off function that is ideal for fi xed or remote installations, and a contour switch for low-level or background-level sound reinforcement applications.

The SRM450 cabinet is constructed of high pressure injected polypropylene. The enclosure features ample amounts of reinforcement ribbing and structural strengthening resulting in a strong, super-rigid design providing ideal acoustical characteristics.


  • Bi-amplification with 300 watts rms low-frequency and 100 watts rms high-frequency power
  • 127 dB peak SPL
  • Wide dispersion, studio-quality high-frequency horn with multi-cell aperture throat
  • Large format exponential/conical high-frequency horn mouth
  • State of the art RCF Precision 1.75-inch titanium compression driver
  • Servo feedback controlled RCF Precision 12-inch high-effi ciency, light mass woofer
  • Single mic/line level control
  • High-pass switch for floor monitoring applications
  • Contour switch provides ideal low to medium level music playback equalization
  • Timed turn-off AC switch
  • Complete electronic and component protection circuitry
  • Electronic equalization and phase alignment
  • Professional trapezoidal enclosure design
  • Built-in pole mount cup on bottom
  • Tilts on its side for use as a stage monitor
  • Correctly weight-balanced with two comfortable side handles for easy carrying and set up


  • Live and playback applications
  • Small to medium sized protable PA systems
  • Corporate events
  • Houses of worship

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