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Alesis Transactive 50

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Alesis Transactive 50

Alesis Transactive 50

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The TransActive 50 is a portable 50 Watt (RMS) multi-purpose mixer/speaker/amplifier, featuring 2 input channels plus an AUX input and a selection of internal digital effects. Driven by a 5" LF driver and a 1" tweeter for full-range sound reproduction, the TransActive 50 powered stereo system is perfect for musicians on the go � ideal for a small keyboard setup or as a compact vocal PA.Channel 1 features an XLR microphone input and 1/4" stereo inputs, while Channel 2 offers (2) 1/4 " stereo inputs. The master section of the TransActive 50 features a high, mid, and low frequency EQ, plus selectable digital effects (reverb, chorus, delays and rotary).

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